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As I mentioned before, in case you weren't listening or reading (two things I'm really good at doing poorly so no judgement), we went on a little pre-Christmas cruise. Several things led to this happening, and it was preceded, of course, by what Chuck later deemed to be the greatest Susie meltdown of all time over missing the week before Christmas (shopping with friends, baking with Fe, lunch dates with the Lucy, etc), and also dying in a plane crash and pirate terrorists taking over the ship.

I wove a tapestry of hysteria pre-trip.

We decided to go on the cruise with some of Chuck's extended family for a little Allison getaway. Then their work schedules didn't work out and instead of scratching the idea, we said "see ya" and went alone. It sounds harsh, but they understood. They are warm weather people too and would never fault someone for taking a way out of the cold.

Also, we had plane tickets to use up a-sap after I ruined Spring break in Hawaii last year with the never ending sickness. So, it worked out. Christmas cruise it was.

For those of you who need the specifics, say the same people that would take the Ship's Log booklet home with them so they can review the temperature, sea condition, and boat speed  of each day after they return (I hope I'm making it pretty clear that I'm talking about one Charles Allison who is apparently 85 years old and has in fact reviewed said Ship's Log since returning. You think he can't get any nerdier...). So specifics:

Holland America: 7 days leaving from Ft Lauderdale. We had two days at sea and then a day each in Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and at an island the cruise line owns.

We had a blast and did a great job not getting divorced on the ship, despite our best efforts (kidding but not). However, I did point out that if we did get divorced, no big deal, because Captain Darren could just re-marry us during one of the evening shows.

And now it's picture time.
Good luck getting through this. I'll be as brief as possible.

Turks and Caicos
Day Two

I enjoyed the fact that my first song in Grand Turk was Welcome to Paradise. It worked for me.

Puerto Rico
Day Three

There wasn't a beach in Puerto Rico that we really wanted to hit or that was easy to get to, which was good since it poured that day. Like east coast rain, not the drizzle crap we have in Seattle. We walked along the wall of Fort del Morro built in the 1500s and up into the actual fort. Which was great for nerdy history people like us.

Chuck is one of those "read every sign" type people.
Shocker: I am not.

I took this picture and realized I accidentally caught this bird mid landing. Kind of foreshadowing for the end of the trip when we would neglect everything possible to read all three Hunger Games book. I'm pretending that's a Monkingjay. Obviously.


Chuck explained to me that the antenna in this picture is a16th century model used to contact pirates.
I really hope people don't hear these conversations when we have them. What they must think...

This is a monument for the Dutch Attack of 1625 that was built in 1925. Chuck told me it was commemorating the 300th anniversary of Holland America's service to Puerto Rico.

This is the cathedral where they burried Ponce de Leon. Apparently that fountain of youth wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

St. Thomas
Day Four

It briefly sprinkled for about .5 seconds at Majen's Bay. There was Katrina like pandemonium on the beach as people hurried to pack up. We didn't even discuss it. Seattle taught us to know better. We did the beach version of blue tarp camping and waited the 3 minutes for the misting to pass.


Day Six
Half Moon Cay

This is the island that Holland America owns. It's pretty amazing. I read the whole time (that was Day one of the Hunger Games so I wasn't about to do much else). Chuck rented a catamaran for an hour and I said "no thank you." Then, when he capsized it, he thanked God that I hadn't come with or that could have ended the marriage.

You've seen this one before, but it helps support my case for the following picture so I'm reposting it.

Ok so. I had to rebuttal Chuck's picture and what better way than with a timeless art of seduction pose? Obviously, Tyra would critic my stump leg, but I can handle it. I feel like posting this picture of myself is knowing what it must be like to be Chuck on this thing: a source of "why?"

Harry Potter Chuck.


And the old man who spent an hour burring himself in the sand. How could I not take a picture of that?

And that's the cruise.
I think the big winners on the cruise are the people who had to eat with us every night and the people who willingly became our Trivia Team for the duration of the cruise (obviously, we would have a Trivia Team and let me tell you - we cleaned house).

Tomorrow, one last cruise post. And then that's it. Promise. But tomorrow's is so good. So good.

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