ok. so about that christmas card picture.

I think the Christmas card picture this year really speaks volumes of Chuck and Me. I think it also begs a lot of questions to be answered.

Here's what I'm hearing:
1. Where was that taken?
2. Does Chuck actually have a widows peak?
3. Why can't you send out something normal?

So. Answers.

1. Our guest bedroom.
2. No, but it was his idea to fashion his hair into one. Love him.
3. Have you not been reading this thing long? I won't even dignify number 3 with an answer. Obviously this is what we would send out. You saw last year's. Did you think things would get "better"?

Ok. I feel like I'd like to show you how this magical picture was created, because the process was actually my favorite part.

It came time for the ol'xmas card. I felt like we needed something to top last year's perfection and I'll admit, it took a little bit to get Chuck on board. Which, I mean, rarely am I the one with the crazy ideas begging him to come on board. It was uncharted territory.

He just didn't see the need for a special Christmas card.

He thought this was fine:

He thought this was fine:

I said. "Chuck.
"This is what we sent out last year.

We cannot follow that up with a picture of us at Maggie's wedding. Sawrreeeaa." (dictionary definition - sawreeaa (adjective): to say sorry but not actually be sorry).

So it took some time. Mostly, the issue was that there was no vision. I didn't have a clear plan. Chuck didn't have a clear plan, so we went to the gods of Yahoo image search for answers.

We typed in "awkward Christmas card pictures" and looked for inspiration.

Take a good look at the Yahoo image results.
See anyone you know?

Oh yes, that's us.
Right there.

Someone submitted us to some web site and frankly, we're thrilled. Highlight of the month. No autographs please. And this was exactly what I needed for Chuck to "see the light" and concede that yes, we needed to put a hint of effort into our picture this year.

Also, Chuck saw this picture:

And that was the true inspiration for our picture.

So. Recap. Chuck doesn't see the point of picture. Chuck loses faith in picture. Chuck sees picture of guy with cat and now we're creepy cat people in our Christmas card picture. There was also a great Susie meltdown in the middle of it that might have had something to do with swaying Chuck, but we'll just say it was the guy and the cat and call it good.

Next thing I know, we've pulled the picture off the wall and we're tacking a sheet up in our guest bedroom. We started with the sheet and the white bedspread.

The boys hung the sheet together.

Then I tested the placement of the tripod and camera by forcing Chuck and Jack to take a senior picture together.

Then a few minutes later, I made Chuck do one more alone to "double check" my settings (that's a lie. I just wanted to force this picture and bam, got it.) Side note: I'm placing orders with snapfish for Chuck's senior pictures. Anyone else want a wallet of this? 5x7? Canvas? Ok. But seriously, he did the senior picture pose on his own so he was totally asking for this. I don't feel bad. You can't let someone take that picture of you and then go on with your life thinking it won't end up on the web. But more seriously, send me your picture orders.

And that's the end of it.
Took a few poses, but then, it just came to us.

My friend Ryan said it feels like we're looking through him.
Yeah, that actually sounds about right.

So there you go.
How Chuck and Susie make a Christmas card picture.


  1. Your card made me REALLY sad that I had already sent my out.

  2. I'm sitting alone in my classroom crying I'm laughing so hard. I think my very favorite part is that you've made the first pages of the yahoo search.

  3. Love it!!! So glad you're back and you didn't vanish :)


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