oh em gee, that nightmare is over.

Check out that URL people.

Oh yeah. We iz back in business.

Good Lord. Getting that thing back was an ordeal. I would like it known, for the record, that I didn't cry once in the process of reclaiming my beloved Allison Wonderland URL AND, more impressively, I also didn't use any four letter words when speaking with Google (I saved those for after I hung up).

However, as per usual, whilst I was screaming last Friday night that my life was "ending", that this blog was "all I have", and not using any hyperbole while I was being a total peach, Chuck kept his cool with his "Oh this'll all work out. No big deal. Life is super and all I see are daisies and roses and blue birds" stance. (I may have taken few liberties with quoting Chuck, but you get the picture. That guy is so positive and calm and I am so not.)

It's a really long story and it's been a super long process to get to this point and I am so glad it's over.

All that matters is that we've been redeemed (little side note: When the blog went away, it went to blog purgatory and I had to take it through a redemption process. The only good from the whole nightmare was that I kept asking tech supporters for redemption. That joke didn't get old.)

Anywhoo, I couldn't be happier. Seriously. I love my URL. I love my blog. I feel really good about this.

Also, the blog will need to be renewed October 25th, 2012. Someone email me. Let's not do this again.

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Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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