the miracle of the season just keeps coming.


Something amazing has happened to us today. Now, I understand that the word "amazing" is currently in the no-no list of over used words from 2011, but I have no choice. Because this is ah-maze-ing.

Brace yourself.

I found another ElFe. You know, the Elf that looks like my Mom?

Isn't she grand?
How can I describe this any other way than amazing?

And, what an absolute joy it is that this Elf is a real Christmas Elf, not a weirdo harvest variety the first one is. Still, I thought the delight in finding my Mother's doppelganger in Harvest stuffed elf was tops. But then this... and the good news just keeps on coming.

See, this Elf Fe had a tag on her rear end with the manufacturers name and web address on it. Hallelujah. These little miracles are the meaning of the seasons. They have to be.

The website is

Annalee, bless her soul, makes elves for all seasons. Now, unfortunately, not all of them look like Fe. But, don't panic, there are four pages of elves and I am sure there are more of the Susie's Mom variety.

I won't rest until I have a collection of my Mom.

Also, I'm at my Mother-in-Law's house right now and Thank God she was super fine with me adding Elf Fe to her Christmas Tree after we brought her home from TJ Maxx for a whole $4 purchase price.

I think it's exactly what every tree needs. An Elf Fe.
WOW MOM - literally.

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    a happy (early)halloween! Amazing.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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