just a typical drive by xmas card-ing.

Ok. So obviously I take Christmas Cards seriously. You know this or I wouldn't put so much time and effort making sure our picture is perfection each year. Duh.

And obviously the only reason you send out Christmas cards is to get them in return. Is that not the meaning of Christmas? Did I miss something? Whatever, you know that in addition to wishing people a Merry Christmas and actually wanting to send them an Xmas card, you are also secretly hoping for a little something in return to validate your existence. Call me selfish or Ishmael. Whatever.

With the whole "us being gone for 8 days right in the heart of Christmas time" (which, BTW, we will never do again - we both feel a little out of sorts and like Christmas never happened), we had the mail stopped, again duh. So, when the mail finally came on the 27th, it was like a windfall of cards. I got to open most of our cards in one sitting and it was a heavenly OD.

Maybe next year, we'll stay in town but still have out mail held so that I can have my windfall.

Anyways, we got so many beautiful cards.
(I like to decorate the chalk board with them.)

Aren't they fabulous?

Ok. Except there's one card that well....we don't know who sent it to us.

Like the blog title says, it was kind of a drive by Christmas card-ing.

So I got this card in the mail. It has no return address, it has no signature. The postmark says Seattle. That's all I got.

Who sent this to us?
(I love this card, side note, I just really need to know who send it to us.) The card is handmade. It's a 1970s picture glued to white card stock with holly berries drawn around it.

On the inside:

That's it.

Ok. Who sent this to us?
I have so many questions for them. Did they mean for it to be anonymous? Did they really just forget to sign it AND put a return address on it? Who is that man? Is this the Christmas Card equivalent to finding a horse head in your bed? Have we been put on notice?

IRregardless, I love this card. I would just really like to know who sent it.

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Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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