it was my crying game moment on the cruise.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with cruising so I'll give you a little briefing, then we'll dive right in to this story. I can tell you are super excited about this. I am too.

Cruising is a little bit of what I imagine assisted living homes must be like. They prepare your meals, they prepare little outings for you, and they create schedules of your day. I love it. If the cruise staff could also moisten our mouths with towelettes throughout the day, we'd be set.

So, on Day One at sea there was a little Scavenger Hunt on our daily agenda. Mr. Allison  l-o-v-e-s the games they play on the ship (like Name that Tune and Team Trivia) and he drags me kicking and a little screaming from my pool side tanning time to play them. Ok, I retract a little. I do enjoy a good Name that Tune and Trivia challenge (as long as it's in the evening not during sunning time), but for some reason I was not at all interested in the Scavenger Hunt.

Again, 85 year old Chuck was all about playing it.

But we went anyways because deep down I love him and I kept saying this was more his vacation than mine (since I'd done Hawaii with Fe and Palm Springs with the Girls and he'd done nadda this year - he was due).

We get to the Scavenger Hunt and it turns out it was a Team Scavenger Hunt. Oh good, because if I barely wanted to do this thing with just Chuck, I am now super excited about doing it with 10 strangers. Of course, by super excited, I mean not at all.

Ok so this is when the story changes to more pro-Susie than pro-Chuck. See, they divided us into two teams of ten and then the cruise director chose a 20-something newlywed groom to be the "team captain" of Team 1 and made (guess who?) Chuck the team captain of Team 2.

THEN Cruise Director JT explained the rules:
Each team has a list of items to gather, and the items, naturally, were predominantly women's clothing. Those items, once collected, need to be dressed onto the team captain.

This was the first time that I was 100% sold on Team Scavenger Hunt. Call me a fan of fair, whatever. I was clapping. I was giddy. It was the best cruise day ever.

In about 20 minutes, between all the people on our team, we'd collected the various items from each of our staterooms and had "dressed" Chuck.

Again. I had never been happier. Also, it helped that this was taking place in the most populated place on the ship: the pool deck.

And here he is: My husband (PK must be super happy about my life choices in marrying this one).

 Stay back ladies; he is alllllll mine.

As an added punishment, Cruise Director JT made Chuck and the other poor kid take a lap around the pool deck. Naturally, they did the beauty queen wave. And of course, our team won. The clip on earrings were what pushed us over the edge.

Oh yeah, that's my husband blotting off his lipstick. I am so lucky.

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