this post starts out one way and ends another. fair warning.

Twins are fascinating. I could stare at a good set of twins for hours. Swear to Nordstrom.
But all things equal, I'm more of a fan of evil twins.

Please to let me explain: Isn't it amazing when you see a complete stranger walking down the street and they look exactly like your BFF (Claire's necklaces), except not. In our house, we call this an evil twin. We somehow find evil twins of everyone we know all the time. Sometimes halfers (that's half Jessica and half Emy), but they still count.

Confused? That's how I like you. Here's an example (aren't I the best teacher? So full of examples to better help your understanding of this difficult concept): Chuck and his friend found this poor girl in Montana and said it was Susie's Evil Twin (high school years, since I'm old - thanks guys, I'm a gunna poison your dinners).Then took cell phone pics of her to send back to me.

Now, I know it might be tough to look past Chuck here (wowmom, Chaz), but that's evil Susie (apparently, I don't really see it) over his shoulder. Poor thing.

[If we are getting real here, like reeeeaaalll, then the only evil twin I've ever seen where I was like, yup, that's me, was this:

Actually a blog reader - Rodger - sent this to me about a year ago. Now that's evil twin Susie - even though I think self evil twins are super hard to diagnose.]

Ok - so are we on the same page here? Do we understand what evil twins are?

Then, I submit for you, Jack's evil (fat) twin:

I know. He's amazing. His name is Koa and he is so Fat Jack.

Again: Jack. With a snaggle tooth.

Fat Jack. Also known as Koa.

I mean, it's uncanny and my new favorite thing. Fat Jack. Twice the Jack to love. I'm gonna start feeding Jack double.

Ok. I feel bad. I feel like maybe I've made a little fun of my friend's beloved first born. So, I'll give you some pictures of her other perfect children. I went to their house to take some photos. They have a three week old, so we weren't going to step outside. But, I think we did just fine staying in.

XOXO - Steph! Love your family and your fat cat.

Last picture of Fat Jack. Promise.

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