something i really, really believe in.

It's hard to watch all those "occupy" movements and not want to get swept up in the hub-bub of it all.

So, I occupied. I'm part of the 99%.
I did this about a week ago - don't blame me, blame Thanksgiving that this post is a week late. Anyways. I did it.

I occupied Breaking Dawn.

(If you didn't see that coming, then really? You honestly think I'm gonna stand outside, tents, tarps, hair dryer-less for anything other than Twilight? And even for Twilight I didn't sit outside OR for that long.)

But I still occupied. Oh and maybe we're the 1% in this situation; I'm not sure if it's 99% for or against twilight. Meh. Doesn't matter to me.

I went with The Girls.
The ride up the escalator was intense.

Expectations, hopes, dreams - so much was high. So much was on the line. I think these expressions really tell the tale nicely.

We got to the theater a tad early.
By a tab I mean 90 minutes.

The line up area looked like this when we arrived:

That's empty. As in we were the first people in line for our showing and (interestingly enough) the showing before ours. What? We are nothing if not efficient, plus we are aging slightly and cannot afford to sit in the front row. We aren't 15 anymore. We haven't been 15 for like.....6 years.... or something like that.

We had the ticket guy take our picture.
We said please don't judge us for being here this early.
He said he wasn't, or wouldn't judge us, but the girls that showed up for the midnight showing in wedding dresses. Them. Them he judged.

We laid out our coats. Our purses. And pulled out the iPhones.
This is life now.

Dania also pulled out her Renee Zellweger impression. I think this came about because we were talking about how, yeah, we're fine with Bradley Cooper being Sexiest Man of the Year but he lost points dating scrunch face all those years ago. These are the things we find important. Also, judgy wudgy was a bear.

Ok. So finally after 90 minutes of iPhoning, the doors open.
We were admittedly speed walking, but not outrageously, until the tweens and teens behind us in line started screaming and sprinting. Sorry, but we did not wait in line that long to be trampled by people who were dropped off and/or have a curfew. Sawwwwrrreeeaa.

Also, I've never done the running of the bulls in Pamplona, but I don't need to now. I've lived through 50 or so screaming teens bearing down on you with Taylor Lautner's abs as their only motivation in life. It was terrifying. The five of us girls sprinting and out of breath into the theater....

Don't worry. We found it like this.
Empty. (kind of like Kristen Stewart's emotions)
We sat in the high middle, middle seats, and the rest is history.

The movie was fabulous. As they all are. Fabulous. Horrible. Fabulous.
So there you go. Occupy Breaking Dawn. Now that's my kind of movement.


  1. Ochlophobia: the fear of being trampled.
    podophobia: fear of edward's really long toes.
    Sign me up for some xanax because i have both of these.

  2. I wish someone had warned me to SIT THROUGH THE CREDITS.

    This is directed at YOU Sooze. :)


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