someone won a major award yesterday.

Guess who won a costume contest yesterday?

Thank you for thinking it was me, because yes, you're right, I was a fabulous (and humble) Snow White yesterday. I mean, my haircut lends itself to about, oh, ONE Halloween costume. And good thing I live in Seattle so my skin stays a lovely pasty white. I was made to be Snow White.

Anyhoo. I've digressed as per usual.

I didn't win a costume contest yesterday (in case that wasn't clear enough).

But she did.

Oh yeah. That's our little Hulk Hogan.

Congrats to Shelley for one heckuva Parenting Win coming up with this idea.

And just so ya know, when Lucy was given her first place gift certificate to "Chunky Cheese" (yep) she yelled "YEEAAAAH BROTHER" into the mic. She is so beyond amazing.

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  1. I didn't think much would top Yoda:The Centuar from last year.... but this is brilliant. Shelly, you never dispoint.


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