pretty typical reason to hate your husband.

This is the kind of thing Chuck does that just makes me want a divorce.
OK. That might be a slight hyperbole. OR not far enough. Tough. To. Tell.

I can't explain what exactly it is about this that makes me hate him, but I know I don't like it.

Lemme set this up.

I can barely read a map. Let's get that out there right away. I mean, really. I think compasses are witch craft, I don't understand basic direction or coordinates and, swear to Zach Morris, just a few hours ago I incorrectly identified north vs south bound traffic on Google Maps. That's my life. Whatever. Somehow I do just fine and I always cushion my drive time with a few "whoopsie daisy" minutes.  My life.

Here's why I hate him.
I found this is his car:

First instinct: He was trying to draw a portrait of someone or something with his eyes closed like we've all done a time or two. Or 152 in LA/SS in 7th grade.

Second instinct: Lucy had drawn him a picture. In which case, it's amazing and beautiful and should be put in a museum.


This is Chuck's hand drawn map to a hiking spot.
See, there's no road signs, just turn offs and seriously? His map reading skills are so far advanced from mine that he thinks it actually makes sense to just draw his own map.And then he has the audacity to use it.

I just hate when he does smart crap like this.
Like, again, I can't tell northbound on a map, but he can read, make, and use one successfully, no road signs necessary.

Actually, I think it's his compass on the bottom that I find most offensive.
Really, really offensive.


  1. I used said map to navigate on Saturday. Still think I'm retarded?

  2. I misspelled "Withheld"... I'm humbled.

  3. Jamie Anderson is a virgin.

  4. tell chuck that he should draw us a map to Nordstroms. Then him and kevin can go get lost in the woods together.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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