if this isn't what aunts are for, then i'm at a loss.

I stopped by Burger King with Lu in the car.

FOR THE RECORD, I was getting myself an unhealthy dinner, not her. She'd already eaten. See, I only model bad eating habits. I don't promote them. But even if I did, well that's what Aunts are for. For example, when I was nine and my aunt was 24, she shoved 36 marshmallows in my mouth as an "experiment" for "science". By the time you get to about 20, the marshmallows start dissolving and a sugar coating forms/numbs the inside of your mouth. Incidentally, I threw up all over my grandparents kitchen. Now that is modeling and perpetuating bad eating habits.

Also, I see I've digressed from my original point.
Lu was in the car when I was at Burger King so obviously we got a BK crown for her to wear. I mean, obviously.

She was stunning in her crown.

OK I see by this picture that I may (may) have negated my whole eating habits paragraph. So what, maybe I did let her have a fry or two but who's counting? Off my back. She's in footy pajamas and a BK crown. You try saying no.

So she's wearing the crown and I say "Lu, you look like a princess".
She says "No Sister. Cuz if I was a princess, I'd haves a pretty dress. So I'z not a princess."

Oh. Well. I can change that.
One quick trip to Ross and a swing by target, and we can go ahead and cross that life problem off her list.

"Lucy. Don't you run into the street."
Response: That face.

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