2003 was last year, right?

Eight years ago (obviously, when we were 12), we decided to go to Palm Springs for college spring break. Those margaritas are for sure virgin because we were all minors. That picture is definitely taken on film. Most everything we're wearing is a combination of Abercrombie and American Eagle. We thought we were so fabulous in this picture, still do.

Eight years, four weddings, one baby, and a Libby later (don't tell the husbands but Libby was a way better addition than any of them), we decided it was time to go back. Also, Emy's getting married and that was an acceptable excuse to use.

I really hope that you have best friends.
Because there's really nothing else like it.

That's about all I have to say about that.
I love them so much. They bring so much happiness to my life. It would have been a lonely decade without them.


  1. yeyyeyeyessssss! thank you for posting these. 8.5 years was too long, but totally worth the wait. Love you.

  2. Way to go Susie!!! This post is by far one of my favorites. Ps........I love you too!!


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