2003 was last year, right?

Eight years ago (obviously, when we were 12), we decided to go to Palm Springs for college spring break. Those margaritas are for sure virgin because we were all minors. That picture is definitely taken on film. Most everything we're wearing is a combination of Abercrombie and American Eagle. We thought we were so fabulous in this picture, still do.

Eight years, four weddings, one baby, and a Libby later (don't tell the husbands but Libby was a way better addition than any of them), we decided it was time to go back. Also, Emy's getting married and that was an acceptable excuse to use.

I really hope that you have best friends.
Because there's really nothing else like it.

That's about all I have to say about that.
I love them so much. They bring so much happiness to my life. It would have been a lonely decade without them.

why i get to have an iphone and he doesn't.

I feel like you need a full visual of me right now.

Sweatpants. T-shirt. Glasses. No shower. No real food has been consumed today other than one confetti cupcake, a handful of peanut M&Ms and a deeeelicious mug of hot chocolate. BTDub, it's 1:55 p.m. I'm considering a move to shower-land, but I feel like I still have some laze left in me. I mean, let's not rush things.

Up until about an hour ago, Chuck was joining me in my cleanliness and productivity strike, but he's now defected to the golf course. I hate him.

Back in the good old days, like 11:30 am, when Chuck was being a part of my life, sitting on the couch beside me, and living up to his "to have and to hold" oath, he took my phone, asked for my App Store password and said "I need it because."

Things I know in my life:
1. I will never like pickles or tomatoes.
2. I don't look good, ever, in cropped, capri, or anything less than full length pants.
3. Chuck does nothing for "because". Chuck is calculating. There is no because.

He handed me back my phone, said "point it back toward me". Ok.
As I was grabbing the phone, turning it, and beginning to look through it, Chuck (in an incredibly well choreographed move - which begs the question "How long had you been planning this?") pressed play on a youtube video.

I saw this.

As "Take On Me" was playing in the background.
Really? I mean, seriously? Tell me you understand what's going on here. He downloaded a photo app that made him look like a sketch and tried to recreate the Aha video. He only spent like 5 minutes on this but still I feel like this is kind of ridiculous.

(naturally trying to pull me into the phone with him)


He's a winner.

[photo shoot] the d family.

Somehow, it's September.I don't get it. I just had my birthday in March. Right? Just had it. I just don't get where summer went and I don't like it one bit.

But fall does mean more and more photo shoots as families get ready for the Holidays, and that, that I can't complain about. Since mid August I've been booked with photo shoots through mid October. I don't know how this happened but I feel so blessed to have so many supportive people in my life (and people willing to pass my name on).

This is The D Family.
It was a quick little session - under an hour. Why so short? Well, because two year old Brinnley went on a nap strike that day, so well, we were on borrowed time. Oh and it was after 7 pm. So, incredibly borrowed time.

Last summer, Brinnley was my second paid photo gig. It was her first birthday party, I was terrified to be there taking pictures, but she was a doll.

I thought she couldn't get any cuter.

When her Mom, Gina, emailed me about some photos, and added that their had been an addition to the family since last year, I jumped at the chance.

Here's The D Family.
Brinnley, 2; Luke, 6 week
Snoqualmie Ridge

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