we have a 2% success rate here.

So, we had a little gathering in grandpa's honor on Sunday. Nothing much - just the whole family coming together. A miracle in and of itself.

I won't even try to remember when the last time was all six of us cousins were in the same room together. It used to be every holiday, birthday, and days in between, but when you grow up and move out of the "we travel in one car because we live in one house" phase, it get's hard.

Wait! No. I can answer this. I know when we were last together. Cousin Kyle's wedding in 2005. Bam. I am so good at this game. Well, I think that's right. I'm 70/30. If not, I can expect a lengthy comment from my brother with the correct answer.


Seeings how we hadn't been together as one big extended family in YEARS, Fe said this was the only time pictures at a "funeral" were acceptable. Because really, it wasn't a funeral so much as a celebratory gathering. Which is what we were going for and what we nailed.

Obviously with everyone together we decided to take a few family pictures. I mean it is once in a blue moon when my entire family is in a room together. It's an ever bluer moon when there's someone else there to take the picture.

Oh but don't worry. It went really well. So well, it deserved it's own blog post.
I hope you're picking up on my sarcasm, I'm laying it on pretty thick.

Here are the only "usable" pictures. Out of 308. 308 people. Our odds here are about as good as Kim Kardashian's marriage. Reeeeally.

Shell and Me with cousin Kyle's wife Andrea. The Girls.

The relatives: Billy (whose real name is apparently Tyler), Bryant, Uncle Randy, Aunt Shawn, Andrea, Kyle, Isabela and baby Leo. Uncle Randy is Mom's big brother.

See. Siblings.

My siblings. Minus Chuck, obviously.

If she doesn't have her fingers in her mouth, then it's not a family pic. Fingers certify authenticity.
See. It's a miracle. We can lock it up.
For about 5 minutes. I know this because how many pictures are there? 6. Again 6 out of 308. Ok. Compare that to the "unusable" pictures. The "really, this is who I'm related to" group.  The "seriously people" pictures.

In case you're curious, that would be Chuck and Eric's prom picture.

uh huh.
And that's my family.

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