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Ok, so I really don't have like a big story to tell you today, but I have some epic pictures from our adventures yesterday. It's going to be pictures and captions today. I hope this works because it's a lot easier for me than to write it all out in story form (don't I just sound like Miss Author, right.) and it's pool time so you get what you get.

Here goes.
I think you need to see this picture to understand the full visual of me in Hawaii. I brought a visor to where in the sun, but Fe jacked it the first day because visors are easier for her to wear on her little Fe head. So, I ended up with Shelley's trucker hat. Combine that (which Ashton Kutcher called and said 2002 wants back) and the aviators, Shelley says I'm 'bout ready for Summer Jam 2012. Also, I stole Lucy's monkey floaty. That went over real well.

She is making Macaroni and Tees. Obviously.

Shelley's cat hasn't come home since Sunday. PK's been keeping vigil at her house waiting for Betty to come home, but no joy. Naturally, Shelley is pouring one out here for her home cat.

No caption necessary. This is just plain adorable.

Splashing. A favorite pastime.

Lucy pretty much adores Monkey.

Except, when he (her words) "hits me". This is him being put in timeout for allegedly hitting Lucy.

She then marched him (with complete conviction) to the water for his time out.

She then sat there and supervised his timeout until he'd served his time.

Fe is taking full advantage of Grandmotherhood and using Lucy as a motor to her air mattress.
Lucy was also a huge air mattress fan. Please to note the folded hands.

Then she begged to be tipped over into the water (told you, no respect. She wants to be dunked) and Shelley was only to happy to oblige.

And that is her coming out of the water. No crying. No tears. Shouldn't she be distraught? Nope. No respect for water.

In the afternoon, we moved to the pool. Apparently, we moved the entire hotel room to the pool with us. We do not travel lightly evidently.

Lucy had her first VIRGIN daiquiri. Which is still my favorite drink in Hawaii. Virgin, because I'm lame. She destroyed it in about 3 seconds.

Miss No Fear for Water kept begging to go higher and higher. There she go.

Then, a splashing war started and let me tell you something. She splashes with impressive force. Really impressive.

So we splashed back and she swam away from us say "I no play with you guys."

Shelley and I died laughing because it was an empty threat.
Empty threat. She ignored us, until she wanted to go higher again, then look who came crawling back to play.

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  1. OK, super jealous. Did you know I used to live in Hawaii? You MUST take that child to the North Shore and go to Matsumoto's Shave Ice. It's worth the drive. Go for broke and get the version for yourself with ice cream and beans. Trust me.

    Also, the best Hawaiian style food without the hassle of a Waikiki style luau is Ono Hawaiian Foods on Kapahulu Avenue. Go early for lunch, ask them to choose a good smattering of food for you and go for it! Oh, and DAY OLD poi is the way to go - the fresh isn't as good.

    And if you want a fantastic jungle hike, skip the crowds at the volcano and go to Maunawili and hike there. Amazing views and very few people.

    Whatever you do , HAVE FUN! So jealous...


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