only someone brave or exhausted would give their camera to a lucy.

I'll admit that I'm pretty loosey goosey with the use of my camera - I mean, who uses my camera. I'm pretty trusting. I'll let just about anyone play around with it. I know it's solid and I don't know - I just trust the people in my life. And by people, I'm mostly talking about my students, my kids. Yes, I let first graders handle my big DSLR and take pictures.

What? I trust them. And they take some pretty bomb pictures (why yes, I did just use bomb in a sentence - would you like me to use hella next?). Some of my favorite pictures have been taken by some of my favorite people.

So, about the time that we had exhausted most of our "play" options with Lucy during vacation purgatory (the hours between check out and take off), I decided that if six year olds could take pictures with my big camera, who's to say Lucy can't?

Ok, so yeah, she's two. And yeah, the kids I've let handle the camera are at least of school age, but Lucy has literally spent her entire life watching me take pictures. She's a built in intern. And lately, she's been really interested in my picture taking.

"Lemme see it." "Oh that a good one." "Oooh, that one is cute!" "Look at little Lucy!"

So, after she'd finished with the etch-a-sketch and the Magna Doodle, I handed over the DSLR. That sounds like a natural progression, right?

I gave her a pretty quick lesson. Look through the viewfinder (interesting concept when using the DSLR), press the silver button. She's now more proficient with a DSLR than most adults I know. What? That's a true statement.

This little life lesson started in the taxi.
Life from Lucy's persepective.

The Taxi.

And then she went on rapid fire for about 10 shots, but I like this one because of the little blue toes peaking in the bottom of the frame.

Finally, we made it to the airport. "Sister's crama" (that's what she calls it) had held her attention for about 10 minutes - exactly what I was hoping to buy us - in the taxi, and then, low and behold, she asked to play with the crama again in the airport.

Her world must look so different than ours. And I have to share the pictures because they are pretty priceless.

Oh and FYI, the reason she didn't take any pictures of her Mommy is because Shelley was off with her iPhone trying sort through the phone calls Lucy had placed when she'd grabbed Shell's cell a few moments before. God love a two year old and the wake they leave behind them.

Our first airport picture where I could really sit across from her and explain how to look through the viewfinder. "Can you see Sister's big mouth? Ok. Take a picture."

Taking a picture of her taking a picture. Classic.

I think she's probably the next Annie Leibovitz, but that's just me.

Oh, and the next picture. I need to be honest that I took this picture because, well. You'll see why. Basically, Lucy had an "accident" during her plane ride long nap, refused to put on her Hawaiian dress as a change of outfit and insisted that she exit the plane dressed as you'll see below.

Diaper. Flip flops. Coat.

Win. Win. Win.
(note the look of pride and obvious strut.)

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