jealous? probably.


Oh that's right. We'z in Hawaii.

Well, not a total "we'z" because this be a girl's vacation (and I have evidently thrown conventional grammar/English out the window).

Apparently, given the chance, I will drop Chuck in a hot second. Fe, Shelley, Lu and I flew the coop yesterday heading for Waikiki. Lucy was, at first, a little confused as to why Dad-Dad and Bubba were not allowed to join us. She gradually caught onto the concept and, right as we left, told Dad-Dad "Sorry yous can't come cuz yous not a big girl. When yous grow up and become a big girl, yous can come on girl's baycashun too." Dad-Dad's not holding his breath.

We took a late flight in last night and we're here for the week. Basically this is my warning that if our adventures on vacation without adult supervision (ie: Chuck and PK) isn't something you're into, well, then probably see you next Sunday.

So far, vacation with Lucy is about right and pretty darn typical.

And by about right, I mean we've been up since 6:15am ("I'm awake, and I'm not tired anymore!"), had ourselves a delicious McDonald's breakfast, and were at the beach by 8:45. Shockingly enough, we were the only patrons at the time. I don't know why, but we were.

Now, it's just after lunch, we've already been in the sun for 5 hours, and Lu is attempting to nap (emphasis on attempting). Shelley and I are also attempting to sneak to the pool while Fe pulls inside nap-supervision duty. Someones gotta do it. God bless her and her fair skin.

Anywho, I had a spare minute so here's some pics from today, and by today, I mean pre-lunch. I don't really like this "you being at least 3 hours ahead thing" because I can't finish my day and still write to you. Lunch time posts may be the calling card of this week.

Mahalo for your time. Wink.

Interesting life lesson today: if you have on a floaty device that does not mean you are automatically swimming. Actually finding water and not flailing on the shore like a beached whale is more challenge than you'd think...

FYI: swimming is exhausting. Also, FYI this was taken before she actually did any swimming.

Product placement. We are terrible.
Even more shameless product placement.

The goal was to take a twinsies pic, since we are in matching suits (naturally). Apparently, nuun is more important than "cheese".

And that's day one, pre-noon.

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