i actually did something somewhat outdoorsy.

Well, I mean, don't get too excited. It's not like I willingly hiked or (God-forbid) camped. BUT this is pretty big for me.

I went inner tubing.

I know. Deep breath. OK, so it's not like it's that big a deal except that I managed to inner tube without a) whining or b) complaining. I threw on my big girl pants yesterday and simultaneously threw caution into the wind.

I would not normally inner tube. In fact, I haven't been on an inner tube for 11 years. Inner tubing involves a lot of things that I don't like. The presence of any of these items in an activity mean it's on my "non-negotiable, won't do" list. If these things are involved, odds are pretty good that it's a no-go for me. In no particular order:
1. Speed.
2. Water.
3. Cold.

Chuck says #4 on the list is "fun". He likes to say if it's fun, Susie won't try it. Whatever. I like what I like and what I like is usually safe, indoors, and involves the E! channel. My life, my body, my choices.

As you can see, innter tubing clearly falls into the "kicking and screaming" category of my life. Right next to snorkeling and skiing, which are basically death traps (right?). BUT, sadly, I completely and totally caved yesterday. And, like I said before, I went inner tubing AND (what's worse) I had a great time. Damn.

It wasn't like I had a choice.
I had to inner tube.
It was for cousin Janelle, and even though usually I can say "no" to 19 year olds (I mean, who can't?), when I look at her, I see the nine year old that I met  10 years ago and I cave. Big time.

How can I say no to that face?

We headed out on Lake Whatcom yesterday in Bellingham, and I have decided that I am a big fan of inner tubing pictures. I mean, the faces we made when tubing. HIGHlarious. Possible that it's only funny to us because we were there, it's our family, etc, etc, but I think they're fantastic.

We aren't moving yet. I'm just legitimately terrified.

You might not be sure what you're seeing in this picture, since it's not something you're probably familiar with, but that's me having fun outside. I know.

Chuck and his Uncle Jon. Could they look more alike? I mean aside from the fact that their faces are just about the same give or take a few years, but the body position, the head tilt? W.O.W. Allison genetics are not to be messed with. Good luck baby 2053.

Oh and just help us settle something, please.

I said I think the life jacket makes Chuck look skinny.

With the life jacket.

Without the life jacket.
Your thoughts.

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