for my grandpa.

I feel like this is going to come across a little awkward sounding, maybe a little abrupt at first, but oh well.

My grandpa died last week. We're doing OK. I promise. He was my Mom's Dad, he was my last remaining grandparent, and he was my favorite. I was his Susie-Love and that was that.

It wasn't a sudden thing, but it still was. You know how that is.

We decided that rushing a funeral or a service didn't make much sense. We'll do something simple in the fall at the graveside, but for now, instead, all the stars magically aligned to get the entire extended family together in one place. Everyone was free Sunday. This hasn't happened since 2005. Well played Grandpa. Well played.

I have about a bazillion pictures from yesterday (Susie hyperbole translation: I took 308, cut it to 130 and edited 43). I want to share them all because even though we came together because of something so sad, we celebrated him well and we had such a great day together as one big family.

I wanted to post everything tonight. Show every picture and tell every story from yesterday. But it doesn't work that way. You can't say "someone I loved died, look how funny Lucy was" in the same post. It just doesn't work. Trust me. I've been typing for about an hour now and I have no way to make this work.

So. Tomorrow and maybe Wednesday depending on how things come together tomorrow, I've got some great pictures and stories to share which I know Grandpa would've loved.

Tonight. It's the hard facts.
My grandpa died last Tuesday and I already miss him.

I'm decorating him with, I believe, raisins. I'd need a Fe confirmation on that, but it's too late to call.

He made me stilts. Actually, multiple pairs. This was our first prototype. They were bomb (.com).


  1. Susie, I am so, so sorry to hear about your grandpa. My grandpa died in July, and it was so hard. I am thinking of you and your family. Oh, and just a little weird (or not!) "word verification" so that this will post: heaven.

  2. Okay. I have to post again. I keep thinking about this. I can't even believe that "heaven" was my word verification...usually it is just a random bunch of letters. This time, it is "rehsal." Wow!

  3. Sorry for the loss of your grandpa Susie:( Glad you got to get together with family and celebrate him. Crazy that Casie's word was "heaven", that is super weird. Mine is diermat...not as cool at all.


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