the end of vacation. big fat ugh.

Today is our last morning here.

We're flying out this afternoon - I'm already a nervous wreck and trying to invent reasons to stay. I don't travel well (you know this) and, without Chuck to explain every bump, screech, and turn, I no like. But anyways, we've talked enough about my "issues".

Last night, we celebrated our girls trip by getting a little fancied up and heading to a real dinner. I say "real dinner" because with Lucy in tow, going to "real restaurants" isn't the easiest. So, usually you go to Hawaii to sample the local fair, we went to Hawaii and had Outback, McDonald's, and Round Table Pizza. Ya, so, we didn't really get the Hawaiian cuisine experience, but who cares? We had a Lu to think about.

But yesterday, we decided to give it a go.
 It was our final night, we wanted to go a little crazy. So, we threw on our matching dresses (you read that right, read it again matching dresses) and went for sushi.

Matching dresses.
Aren't we pretty fabulous?
Yes, we planned that.

The sushi restaurant was actually a great find because they put all the real patrons downstairs and all the families with little kids upstairs. It was a little wild up there, but we loved it.

Especially Lu because she could be at dinner uncensored and without apology.
And about the time she got real comfortable, she started talking about babies and how they have "poop faces".

Say, what?
We're gonna need to see what you're talking about.


This is what we got. And this is what we got for the rest of dinner. It was amazing. Poop faces. I didn't realize the two year old crowd could understand something as sophisticated as the poop face, but there you have it.

And that'll about wrap it up for our Hawaiian vacation. A few last minute pictures that, actually, Shelley requested to have posted. Sounds bueno to me.

Back to Pacific Standard Time and real life. Ugh.

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