andrea's wedding, briefly.

Last weekend, I coordinated Andrea and Canyon's wedding. The wedding was fabulous - just like Andrea.

I don't have many pictures to offer as proof that I was there, but I wanted to throw some up on the blog since Andrea has been such a big blog supporter (since day one - she was like my 4th reader) and I want to show her a little blog love.

But truly, I don't have a lot. The venue is stunning and it's quite a machine - running two weddings a day with overlap. The overlap, and the fact that we were wedding number two, left me with about 90 minutes to set up Andrea's ceremony and reception. In comparison, Maggie's wedding, earlier this month, I had 4 hours for set up and I did it all before the bride was even on site. So, I had to hustle (not a bad thing - it's how it's done at that venue and it all got done), but it meant that I had just started my "chores" when pictures began. That's my excuse. Doing my job is apparently now an excuse...

Here's what I have. But I love what I have even if it's not much.

Andrea and Canyon
July 30, 2011
Newcastle Golf and Country Club

Her wedding shoes were Badgley Mischka. Her reception shoes were Vera Wang. Andrea has, what you might call, style.

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  1. as long as you learn that bobby pin trick like ken, you can be my coordinator/photographer/bridesmaid any day. ;) p.s. that blonde hair must be a wig because who am I?


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