[photo shoot] the c family

I'll be brief.

Mainly because Lucy is over, it's getting dangerously close to bath time/nigh nigh, and hers and Bubba are playing a mean game of Hide n' Seek (he was told to count all the way to "one Mississippi" - seriously, where does she get this stuff? The streets, obviously, and by streets, I mean Child Prison.)

Anyhoo, I'm alone, I have five minutes, ergo, this is what you get.

I had a lovely little photo session a few nights ago with a lovely little family. The Mom, Sarah, is a friend from high school (we discussed the upcoming ten year reunion - RIP: my youth - for most of the session).

Her little Kaily is 17 months old and basically the bees knees. I loved her. And more, I loved that Lucy caught me editing a few pictures and would talk to Kaily during the edits. Not real Kaily, but Kaily's face in photoshop. Lucy thought she was, and I quote, a "total cutie pie." Again, where? Where is that from?

Photos from our family shoot.
Discover Park in Magnolia.

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  1. Hi Susie!
    I've been stalking your blog for some time now...my friend, Dani Garfoot, turned me onto your site. Your writing and pictures are FABULOUS! I was a teacher in the LWSD, too, until I had kids (triplets) a few years ago. ANYWAYS, I would love to have you take some pictures of our little fam if you are available some time this summer.
    Sorry if I am being a moron, but I couldn't find any other contact info on the blog...
    Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Erin Zacharda


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