my husband and toddlers: both entertained by an empty box.

Swear to whatever you want me to swear to, he did not know I was taking this picture when I snapped it. He was too busy "playing" with his "toys". I caught him literally in the act. This is not normal. NOT NORMAL.

Let me explain.

About a month ago Chuck and I were perusing a National Geographic. I feel like I need to give a reason why we were reading a National Geographic together, but I have none. I think it fits. I mean, obviously we would be reading a National Geographic together. Peas and Carrots.

In said National Geographic was an article on Aberlardo Morrell. In the hierarchy of things that drive me nuts about Chuck is his bottomless well of knowledge and trivia. He always knows something about everything. Naturally, he'd heard of Aberlardo Morrell and his camera obscura.

A camera what?

Again, Chuck knew all about this. Why? Why would you know about something like this? A) he's not even "into" photography B) WHY????

I then, of course, was blessed with a brief lesson on camera obscuras. (Please tell me know you don't know what this is, because if everyone else does, and just I didn't. Die. I'll just die.) A camera obscura uses some of the same principles as a pinhole camera. You take a box (OR an entire room), make it completely pitch black, and allow a tiny hole of light. On the opposite wall, the image from outside will be displayed, upside down, with color and perspective still in tact.

If we're being honest here, and I hope we are, I still don't really get it (I do get it, I just don't want to get it), and am putting it in my "I don't want to know" box along with compasses and wind socks. I'm not stubborn, I just like what I like and I want to know what I want to know. Anything else, meh.

That guy in the National Geographic article, he makes entire rooms into camera obscuras, then sets up a real camera inside the room to capture the image that is being projected on the wall. The shutter speed is measured in hours to capture these images.


Camera obscura, all by Aberlardo Morrell.

I was fine to leave it at reading the article.
Chuck decided to make one.

This was great, because it's not like I was rushing around cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking all the while not knowing hat he was "playing" in the garage. Perfect timing for me and my life (which is what we're all about, FYI.)

He took a box.

Made a head hole.

Made a pinhole (the lens, if you will).

And wrapped a towel around his neck to block the light completely / make him Captain Obscura.

Then he tried to juggle the box on his head, dancing around the kitchen, to see outside upside down. I did not try out the camera obscura. I don't like it. I don't want to like it (more important). Pass. I am the stubbornest butt head you'll ever meet.

ps. This is not the first camera obscura he's made. I think that's important to note. His last one was in the middle school era of his life. Looks like he's done a lot of maturing since then.
Camera obscura. More like "look at the obscura things that happen at my house." That's about right.

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  1. My husband totally did this very same thing in high school... Except he blacked out his entire bedroom.


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