maggie's wedding.

Last night was epic.
Epic, I tell you. So epic, I have had 2 naps today, watched two Disney movies (own it), and am popping Extra Strength Tylenol like they're Skittles. Don't judge me. Or at least, don't just me for what you think I'm referring to.

I am literally hungover from exhaustion.
Yes, that's possible. If you've never experienced it, then maybe you should try coordinating a wedding and spend 16 hours making sure the plans someone's made since they were five come to life. It's a little bit of pressure.

Seriously though, I had 7 waters (on the rocks) last night. I live on the edge.

The wedding was for Maggie and Kris.
I'm coordinating three weddings in the coming weeks and this was the first in my summer trifecta. One down, baby. (Remember, weddings are my summer job - because teaching isn't quite exhausting enough....)

It was a fabulous day for Maggie and Kris.
It was a fabulous day for their family and friends.
It was a heckuva party.

Truth be told, I'm bouts to blow you up with pictures. Why? Because my friends want to see them and this is an easier platform than facebook. I'm so exhausted right now I don't even care if you are annoyed by this or irrited with me for this. It is what it is. And it's happening.

Happily Ever After.

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  1. I LOVE those pictures!!! I especially love the one where they are kissing and the wedding party has their hands over their eyes, and the girls all holding hands...

    I hate to admit it, but you're good. :) Don't think that this negates all of our hatred in college though. It doesn't. :P


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