it's really pretty sad (or SAD) at this point.

I have seasonal depression.

Let's clarify: That's a self diagnosis (I decided) and I for sure have seasonal depression (WebMD NEVER lies). Seasonal depression during December? No. Right now. Mid summer. I am and I have SAD.

The weather around here, let's just say it, has finally gotten to me. I'm going to a wedding in about an hour and bringing a jacket, possibly an umbrella, maybe a blanket and a parka. I know, that couple, they were pretty risky planning an afternoon wedding in July. Or not, because it should be LOVELY today. Lovely, I tell you.

Instead, it's 60 degrees and raining. Mid July. We had to turn the heat on in the house because it was basically at an ice box/homeless level in here.

Seattle forecast for the week, looks AMAZING.

The 6-10 day is actually more depressing.

Ok, so beggars not choosers, yeah yeah yeah, I know, but two days of 70 degree weather is not really going to cure SAD. The vitamin D content on a partly cloudy 70 degree day in Seattle just isn't going to do much for me. I'm better off popping pills from Trader Joes to get my "D". I know I should be grateful for these two glimpses, but really, they kind of tick me off. 70 degrees is May weather. It is not July weather. Boo.

I took this picture today.
It's pretty typical of every stinking jeans and a t-shirt day this summer.

No, that isn't the sky over exposed behind the tree. That's a blanket of clouds that's been raining on us all day. I'm losing my mind.

I have lived in Seattle my whole life, but this, this is the worst it's ever been. Ever.
Excuse me, but I need to go bundle up for the wedding and I'm thinking I better pull out my winter clothing box.
I'm letting out my anxiety via my art (also known as the chalk board).

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  1. Hood Pool Party 7-24. Beverages supplied, nothing but sun and good friends!!! We will pull out the futon and you can bring "old Black Jack" too!!


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