it's been the blink of an eye.

Everyone has those few favorite pictures.
And when you narrow it down, there's a few favorites with your favorite that stand out so high above the rest why bother taking new pictures?

This is Chuck and Me on our first date (Valentine's Day to McDonald's). We look like we're 12. All my make up is from Covergirl. It's fabulous.

Favorite wedding picture is up for debate.

His favorite is our first look. Something about still remembering how beautiful I looked that day, and yada yada yada I stopped paying attention.

Mine is this one at sunset. I was so truly happy when this picture was taken and feeling so loved by all our family and friends. Our wedding was perfect.

This one because no picture has ever summed up the two of us quite as well. Neither of us knew the face the other was making until Chuck's BFF (yep) Paul handed me back the camera.

And this one. Probably the all time favorite because this one "started it all". What you can't see in this picture is "secret hand holding". We were 18 and at a college volleyball game. We were secretly holding hands, hoping our friends wouldn't notice, and for the first time realizing we "like liked" each other. One friend noticed - Christie - and she snapped this picture while trying not to wet herself from laughing at the two of us. I love that she captured this first moment in our relationship.

I love pictures that mean more than you can tell by just looking at them.
But more important is the relationship in the picture that means more than you can tell just by looking at it.
Happy 6th Anniversary!
(yes, that's what Chuck calls me. Own it.)

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