a group parenting win/fail.

Happy July 5th - hoping your house is still standing and your hand isn't charred. I think the American Dream is making it through the 4th with 10 fingers and 10 toes. But that's just my opinion.

We made it through the fourth safe and sound. We made it through the fourth with Lucy safe and sound. Hallelujah.

This was our first fourth with Lucy. We made the most of it.
Making the most of it for Chuck meant spending about one mortgage payment on fireworks. I kid. Or not. If you see us pan handling in Seattle with a box of Roman Candles, you'll know.

Lucy was too young last summer to remember fireworks. This was all brand new to her. We were going to make it magical.

Problem is, we may (may) not have quite instilled the proper amount of respect and fear for fireworks that's necessary in little ones. In our efforts to make it "fun" and hype our fireworks, we made fireworks seem cool and accessible and something all the kids are playing with.

Yeah, not quite the lesson we should have been going for.

By the end of the evening, Lu was calling them her "toys". Yes, that's exactly what you want a kid to think: that fireworks are toys. After they'd light off, she'd try to run into the street to get her toys - what smoldering ashes were left of them. She asked Bubba repeatedly for "more toys" and told him "Bubba, I gunna help you with my toys" (lucky him). Toys. We're going to have to work on our definition of "toys".

Basically, she had a great time.
As for the rest of us, group parenting win for her having a fun time.
Group parenting fail for not instilling any sort of "scare" of fireworks in her.

Next year, we'll go for the lecture on danger, and fire, and explosives, and all that stuff. It is what it is.

A little bit of a hot mess on the fourth. Overall without a shirt and a chocolate face.

Running through the sprinklers with Shelley naked. She could have done this all day.

After each sparkler ended, "I get another" until we were out. That face. Similar to the one that we'll get when we have the Santa talk.

She's a delicate beauty.
(Ps. This is what I get when I say "Look up and smile!!"

Have I mentioned that she loved the sparklers?

What was that I said about hot mess? Double it for this picture.

Happy Fourth of July!!!

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