desk argument: Susie - 1, Chuck - 0

I am a big fan of summer Susie projects.

Chuck tries to be a big fan of summer Susie's projects, but a lot of times these projects end up being more work for him than he'd care for - he sees summer as a sabbatical. Well, too bad because I have summers off, it's all about me, and yeah, those are my reasons, sticking too it.

Now, mind you, Chuck is a big fan of Susie projects if (if) they can be completed sans his involvement. Then, I'm free to go for it.

And I have gone for it this summer.
(with only a limited amount of Chuck help, mainly when dealing with his junk and his hoarders-like tendencies.)

We have three guest bedrooms upstairs and they were looking a little, er, sad. Well, two of them were looking sad, one of them straight up looked like a scene from Hoarders.

It was the dumping ground of all things "where does this go?" when we moved in and it continued two and a half years later. I can feel you judging, but I'm fine with it. We never see this room, it's at the back of the house, out of sight, out of mind.

We also, in our defense, didn't really know what to do with this room, mainly because it was being help hostage by a massive IKEA desk that we bought in 2005 when our primary computer was the 2001 Dell Desktop that Chuck got for high school graduation from his aunt and uncle (shout out to Tom and Carol: woot woot!).

Chuck is firmly convinced that we need to keep said desk. He runs through a series of arguments everytime I bring up taking it down and craiglisting it.

Argument 1: Where are you going to do work at?
Rebuttal: We haven't done "work" at that desk since 2007. We sit with our fat butts on the couch, put a computer on our laps, and watch TV during said "work" times. Also, neither of us have jobs that require a home office. Ergo, totally invalid argument.

Argument 2: I like working at the desk.
Rebuttal: See rebuttal for Argument 1. You haven't worked there since 2007, and I'm being generous with that assessment. It's more like late 2006, but let's not get hung up on semantics. Let's get hung up on Chuck holding a freaking candle for an IKEA desk.

Argument 3: Where's the Dell Desktop supposed to live?
Rebuttal: I feel like this goes without saying, but guess what year was the last year that we used the Dell Desktop? I'll give you a hint. It rhymes with schmoothousandseven. It's 10 years old and the operating system is Windows ME (as in millennium edition). Where should it live? Not in this house.

If I haven't made it clear enough, the computer desk situation has been a wedge in our marriage for at least the last year. I decided to tackle all three bedrooms this summer and that dang desk stood in the way of me completing my transformation trifecta. I finally had to call out the big guns for removal help: Chuck's Mom. I don't play the mother-in-law card too often, but I know she has my back in RTC (resistant to change) situations. I believe without her backing, the computer desk would still stand.

Instead: Victory.

Seriously, I took a victory lap around the house in celebration. This was such a big marital win for me. Such a good moment.

In other news, Chuck is selling an IKEA Mikael desk on craigslist if anyone is interested. Mention this blog post and receive a 100% discount. I want that thing gone. Yesterday.

Ok, so the desk came down: win. It opened up the whole hoarders room, thus allowing me to turn it into my craft/wrapping/Lucy's room (seriously, she says "it her room and it so beautiful" - really, Lu, for a while that room had an extra litter box in it and you think it's so beautiful. Wait til she sees the results of my work when she's here Wednesday. It's going to blow her little baby mind.)

Here's the before and after:

Mind you, the room still isn't much. I didn't want to buy art work or paint this room (lazy), so I just threw up all the pictures that used to live in my college apartment. It works.

And I have a craft/art/wrapping station now. Not that I do crafts or wrap many gifts, but this still feels right. It's the first step in my transformation into Candy Spelling.

The other bedrooms are done and much less sad now. Actually, I like them better than the master so a master redo might be next.

I forgot to take before pics so just trust me on this first one.

I took a can of spray paint and painted every nick-nack I wasn't already using in the house white. I would marry this room if legal.

The other room also had issues: the "purple" room (named after the bedspread Fe bought in 2001). This room included a bulky TV unit and a TV that wasn't even plugged in.

It was stunning.
(It looks a little sadder than normal. I'd already taken off the pillows and they really tied the whole room together.)

Now I love this room.

And I love that the dresser is a hand-me-down from Fe. It's the first piece of furniture her and PK bought when they got married. Such a win.

I did it. I did the rooms. I have literally no idea what to do for the second half of summer vacation. Those rooms went surprisingly fast and now I'm at a loss. We'll see what else I can destroy/change/redo whilst Chuck is at work.


  1. OOh.OOH! I know what you can do for the rest of your summer vacation! Come to my house and help me redesign my bedrooms and office space. I may even try a knock-off wood project. Exciting, yes? I know. You can't resist.

  2. Way to go Chuck. I am very proud of you for taking the desk down. I know how difficult that must have been for you. Now maybe we can get rid of the "Robby Pajamas" You come by your RTC honestly, I will never get rid of our VW Van :-))


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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