the definition of hot mess.

I feel like we need to define the term Hot Mess.

And that's the definition. Hot Mess.

Someone found my eye shadow palette, a make up bag, and went to town. On the plus side, this was the first time she's ever correctly (well, closely) placed the make up near, about, around it's intended spot. Usually, we get eye shadow on the lips and bronzer on the eyes.

Actually, there may have been a little eye shadow lips because that would explain the blue tint my pint lip gloss has taken. Come to think.

She's fabulous.

And she's a Hot Mess.


  1. Love the animal print. Nice stylistic touch.

  2. Wow - all I can say is that the acorn does not fall far from the oak tree.

    Personally, I'm counting the days before she spends her 25 cent per week allowance on fake fingernails....

    Signed, "One who saw the prequel and has been waiting for this movie for decades"


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