this is what we spend time on.

This picture could have caused a divorce.

Basically, I wanted to do this picture, I had dreams about this picture, I had high hopes about this picture. It’s funny, because the idea of this picture was much like the ideas I had about marriage. And just as that failed, so did this.

From where we were starting from today, I thought I’d be close enough to easily do this picture without much effort. After walking 11 miles yesterday (in about 5 hours), I was hoping to keep today to a little more manageable Susie amount of walking (normally, that would be zero, but since this is a vacation, I’m willing to up my ante ever so slightly).

But I wasn’t close enough, so we walked. And walked. And walked. And walking trying to judge perspective and distance, depth of field, blah, blah, blah. Then we spent the next 10 minutes trying to set up this picture (resulting in one Susie-meltdown – hence why I am the one holding the bill and not the one taking the picture).

I think this picture added about 2 miles to my daily total and 50 points to my blood pressure and for what? I mean really, for what? When am I EVER going to use this picture (present company excluded)? I will not be printing it out and framing it. I think it’ll make a photo album eventually, but that should be sometime around 2053. Which means never.
It’s a funny thing about vacation pictures. We take so many but then we rarely ever use them. Ever. Does it make us feel better knowing they are there? Kind of like knowing a guarantee is on a box? Or maybe this is just me. I take a lot of vacation pics. I like knowing they are there.

After today’s fuss-fest over the Lincoln Bill Picture, I started watching what other people were taking pictures of and – no offense – a little bit laughing because really, what do you plan on doing with a picture of the Spirit of St. Louis or a large ruby or dinosaur bones.

But it doesn’t matter. I will continue to take my pictures. I like taking my vacation pictures. They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Like this one.

And this one.

And this (in my defense, Chuck wanted this as his computer's desktop...).



Oh and this one, because this was a) really appropriate; b) really fun to try and take in public. He’s an Adonis. And this, this is definitely the kind of vacation picture that we will keep, display, and have around for many years to remember our trip to DC.

I'm so glad I'm lugging my camera (and back-up appropriate shoes) around with me at all times.


  1. I love DC. And your pictures is brilliant and worth whatever trauma you endured.

  2. chuck ftw. -emlh


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