my shoe failures in dc. naturally.

I may (may) have made inappropriate shoe choices in DC.

I attempted to pass a bill today in reaction to this devastating realization. No takers. I tried singing “I’m just a bill” and lay on Capitol Hill, but again, no takers. Government, smovernment.

I say I made inappropriate foot wear choices, but really, I made the best shoe choice for what I had available at time of packing. Please to also remember that we left 24 hours after school ended, which was 12 hours after I finished hosting my staff’s party. Time was not of my essence. Hence, I did the best with what I had.

I know. You’re hearing excuses. Bear with me. I mean, really, what do you have to lose? You can laugh at me, shake your head, know that you would never do the same thing, but this is my life people. This is as good as I get. Sometimes, I wish this was “Diary of” on MTV. “You think you know, but you have no idea. This is the diary of Susie’s shoes.”

OK. I own dresses.

I do not own shorts. I do not own capris (seriously, I’m a munchkin – they look sad on me). I wear dresses when it gets hot out. I have about 45 or so summer dresses. That’s my uniform, and I love it. LOVE IT. Chuck was unaware of it being about 45 dresses until we did this thing at school to see which teacher owned the most dresses and yada, yada, yada, Chuck said he doesn’t think he or our bank account wanted to win that competition. Basically, I may have been put on dress restriction.

So. When we started packing for DC, I started picking dresses. Then came the inevitable shoe debate. Great Allison battles have been waged over shoe choices in the past 10 years. I was prepared for a battle similar to Custer’s Last Stand. Except instead of Custer, it’s me and Nordstrom.

It didn’t take long in my packing for me to realize I was up a certain creek without any responsible shoe paddles. I didn’t have time to go shopping and I didn’t have shoes. Running shoes do not actually go with summer dresses and be it vacation and all, that’s no excuse. I will not be a frump queen. I will not be in a yellow t-shirt, Lee shorts, and a fanny pack. So, I started looking for clothing options that could handle DC heat AND running shoes.

I don’t actually have any of those options. All I own are dresses.

So. The dilemma was go and buy 6+ new outfits fit for running shoes and 90 degrees OR tough out DC in my standard fare for free. We went with the free option AND (for the record) Chuck approved of this decision and what I decided to bring.

I did pretty OK the first three days walking 11 miles a day in either flats, Grecian sandals or J Crew flip flops that I bought when my age ended in –teen. I mean, I was in a fabulous amount of pain, but I wasn’t giving up.

Today. Today, I woke up and could barely walk. My feet are so cut up. I had wanted to get a pedicure the moment we return to Seattle, but I am reasonably sure that I have too many open wounds. I look like a band-aid ad, or rather, the band-aid mascot. It’s bad.

So bad (How bad is it!? – that’s a Match Game reference. Culture yourself.), that I had to resort to something I never thought would happen.

I wore white Keds, WITH SOCKS, with a sun dress.
I love that my biggest ethical dilemmas involve shoes with socks. To each his own (attire).

Oh and don’t you love that H&M didn’t have white socks? Or sockettes? Oh no, I got to wear – that. Whatever that is.

And there is me. Frump queen. Walking around DC in white Keds (that Fe threw at me at the 11th hour – God love her), cream and black socks, and my favorite red dress - which is hindsight is probably a little too short and baby dollish for my age. I was a treat for all the senses.

It’s the end of an era.
I feel like I lost.
I really believed I could do DC in my standards. Dang. Point DC.

 I feel like a complete failure, but (as I keep telling Chuck as if it makes it any better) I wouldn’t have packed any differently. I couldn’t have. I physically couldn’t have. And I didn’t want to. For days one through three, I looked fabulous. Fabulous. And that’s all that matters. Because now I am definitely anything but.

The Capitol Building.

The rotunda at the Capitol.

Us in from of the Capitol Building.

Chuck said "See, this court is different because it comes with sausage, mushrooms, black olives, and green peppers." I said "Oh, is that the Supreme Court?" (this is what I'm dealing with.)

The flags around the Washington Monuments.

Lincoln Memorial at night. I liked all the people taking pictures below it.


  1. Oh man. You are seriously funny. I laughed out loud numerous times and even read the supreme court part out loud to my husband. Your blog is way better than the Bachelorette.

  2. Sooozzzeee! I loved your blog because it took me back to a couple years ago when Bud and I went to DC for spring break. You know you could have gone barefoot and no one would have noticed. I do agree, though. No Lee shorts and fanny pack. Even old dames like me have a little class although I do wear capris, not dresses. I had to be kind to my feet so I wore my CH loafers the whole pointy toes! Love you!
    PS Were you blown away by the majesty of the LIncoln Monument? And did you have tea with Michelle???

  3. Dressing age appropriate is serioulsy overrated.

  4. true friends/family always tell me so. ;) I'm glad you finally got a picture of the two of you! -emlh


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