let's just do a quick catch up.

And here we go.
So. I've been gone for a bit and yada, yada, yada, I'm back. Poltergeist style. "She's heeeerrrrre." This blog is a little like a marriage. For better or worse, in sickness and in health, or until one person just stops talking to the other person. That was me. I'm that person. Sorry might not cut it, but hopefully it will get me somewhere.

It's been a heckuva a month.
You really didn't miss much except for getting to watch Chuck practically go from majoring in to receiving a doctorate in Susie-melt downs.

There were a few things that I missed blogging about during my sabbatical (that's what we'll call it from now on. Kind of like a contract: Hence forth, the intermission or lack of blogging, shall be referred to as The Sabbatical.)

Truly, not much happened. But a little bit did so we'll just do a quick run down, call it good, and move on with our lives in a timely, orderly manner.

And begin.

You missed the day that I came home to Fe's house and found this sitting alone in the back yard with her thoughts and some Rite-Aid chairs.

She was getting her Apple Juice on, basking in the one sunny day that magically happened in May, and watching the waterfall. I DI-ed. I told her this was fine and all, but you're on notice: if I catch you napping at a park or standing in line at 4 pm at an Old Country Buffet, we're skipping grade school and going right for the retirement home. Nursery to nursing home. Bam.

Also, Someone makes this face.

A lot.

And this one. This is her doing "fabulous" a la Real Housewives of New Jersey. I couldn't decide what to get Shelley for Mother's Day, so I taught her daughter to pose and say "fabulous". I'd say that was a pretty solid present and I get a win for thinking it up. Next year: table flipping.

Over Memorial Day, I actually went into "nature". Nature is a two bedroom cabin with wifi and a bathroom, but this was big for me. Fe raised me under the assumption that "roughing it" was sharing one hairdryer.

ALSO, I stayed in sweatpants the whole time. Soak up that natural beauty.
1. I didn't know I owned sweatpants.
2. I had to borrow that sweatshirt.
3. Check out my impressive shoe choice. Oh that's right, it's appropriate. Count it.

We even did a five mile or so hike up to a look out and I only whined for like the first 400 meters (Chuck said he'd never been prouder, which is true and sad). Of course, I treated getting to the top with the same joy and reverence as one does who finishes the New York Marathon, but to each his own.

Naturally, we did nuun publicity shots from the top.

Our suggested slogan - nuun: for the (in)active. I think we really have something there. It just feels right to me. Right and wrong.

And again, no showers, sweatpants only, no makeup.
I feel like some people clean up well, and this picture CLEARLY demonstrates that we UNclean up real nice as well.

On the other sunny day as of late (there's really only been 2, so I feel like I'm being pretty date specific here), we took Lu to the pool.

First, we did some light swinging as a warm up. I got (was ordered) to push Coat. "Push Coat. Him want to swing".

"Sister, you going too high. Stop. Coat gonna get hurt."
In her defense, fallen hems can be a nightmare to fix. Obviously, she was thinking ahead and should probably be Tim Gunn.

Also, she's basically Britney Spears here.
Long, out of control multi-toned hair. Check.
Belly hanging out all over the place. Check.
Really, the only thing she's missing in her re-enactment would be flashing her Britney or going the bathroom sans shoes. Just sayin.

 BTdub. She loved the water.

And for the record, she was fine with getting the bottoms of the swim suit wet, but not the top. Ok.

Moving on, it was also the "Month of Maggie" as of late. Mags is getting married in 3 weeks and everything is wedding right now. Bridal shower one weekend, bachelorette party the next. Hence: Month of Maggie.

You remember Maggie right? (ps: I heart this picture. Sometimes point-and-shoots are an obnoxious girl's best friend).

 We unclean up nice, but really, we do cleaned up pretty well too.

Oh and this is Emy and Jessica remembering that the trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn would be released in just hours post-this picture. We did a lot during my sabbatical. Maturing was not one of them.

Ok. So I feel good about where we are at right now. I think we're caught up - enough caught up for now - and that'll do pig. That'll do.

Don't worry. Lots more to post. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.


  1. Welcome back!

    To celebrate your return, I found this link to share with you. While old and apparently sold out, still hysterical simply for existing.


  2. Welcome back. You've been missed. I thought maybe you ran away with Edward...or that Chuck killed you Dexter style. Either way I pictured you hemorrhaging out of your carotids. Glad to see you are alive and well with all 8 (or so) pints. And even more glad that you're still funny. No more break ups.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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