photoshoot: a year later and a new addition.

It was about this time last year that I first started doing "photoshoots". I'm still surprised every time someone asks. It warms my heart.

Last year, my cousin Kyle was the first person to get this crazy idea that I could do a photoshoot. Isn't family support the best support we can ask for? I had a heckuva time photographing his little girl last May for their yearly Mother's Day pictures (gotta keep the grandma's happy).

This was them last year. First photoshoot. Remember that. Little rough.

During our photoshoot exactly one year ago, this lovely little two year old let it slip that there was a baby in Mommy's tummy. I died. Two year olds are the worst secret keepers. As a result, I don't tell Lucy anything. Lesson learned.

So this year, it was the four of them. Round 2. Kyle, Andrea, Isabela, and now baby Leo -- who came to us in December.

Love this family.
And love their support.


  1. Good God in Heaven-YOU ARE A GENIUS with this photography day I hope to attain greatness like you! :) seriously.....Nice work chica!

  2. I nearly passed out at the picture of the Dad kissing little Leo! Be still my heart!! And . . . GOOD job!!


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