it's a very traditional way to celebrate mom.

I got a little package in the mail from Fe today.
It's 4 days to Mother's Day. I had a pretty good idea of what was in said package.

It was the Mother's Day card I am to give her. You read that right. She sent me a card to send back to her.

I blogged about this card a few years ago when the blog was in its infancy and I think Emy was my only reader. It deserves a repost. Trust me. It's that good.

She sends me the card every year because this is the card I regive her every year. When you find perfection, you just don't mess with it.

Read it.
Fine. I'll read it to you. "One jump, two jump, three jump, four. Susie is a skank and her mother is a...."

Don't blame me if you're offended.
Blame Hallmark. They printed it.

I like that this year, Fe sent me the card along with a self addressed stamped envelope because we are spending Mother's Day with Chuck's Mom (and Fe wants her card back on time). I haven't heard the words "self-addressed stamped envelope" since Nickelodeon sweepstakes back in The Day.

I died. Something about the envelope (with stamps) was HIGHlarious to me. I mean, couldn't I have gotten my own envelope and addressed it to her? Truth: probably not. I would have forgotten, plus I don't think we have stamps and/or envelopes. Good call Fe.

PS. Yes, that is her real name on the envelope. Did you know she has a real name and that Fe isn't it? It's pretty and it's unique, but Shelley and I like Fe better so whatareyougonnado?

So there you go.
That's the card.
And that's the relationship I have with my Mom. Own it.

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  1. i'm not your only reader anymore, but I still LOVE this card. =)


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