here we go again on so many levels.

I'm sick. Again.
I have a cold. Again.
I missed about half a week of work. Again.

This is becoming a running theme lately. Apparently, I'm sickly. Who knew. At least this time all I had to cancel was one photoshoot and Skate King night with my students. It's an improvement over cancelling an entire vacation to Hawaii. Win? I'll take it.

What we did get to do this weekend is thatch. Year three of thatching.
First year is here.
Second year is here.
Third year is here. Literally. Right here. You don't need a link. You're currently there. Get it?

This year, Chuck had to go it alone. Poor kid. Thatching isn't easy and it's a two person job, but when one person is sucking down cough syrup and dayquil like they're slurpees and smarties, well. It becomes a one person gig.

Until we got to the bagging part.
Chuck really needed my help. See, contrary to popular belief, I can actually be helpful when I want to be. Bagging is for two people. Like tandem bikes and sheet folding. You know what I'm talking about.

I needed to help.
But, something about all the allergens from scooping and bagging didn't seem smart in my current, fragile condition.

So Chuck developed a plan.

He said I didn't actually have to do this.
He said he could figure it out.
I said if I didn't do this and didn't work in our front yard looking like this, how else could I martyr myself for the day? It was my cross to bear and darn it, I was going to bear it loud and obnoxiously.

I am such a good sport. And so easy to work with.

ps. Yeah, Shelley, that is your sweatshirt and no I don't know how I ended up with it. Do you need it back? Good chat.

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