pretty. pretty lucky.

Guess who hasn't been murdered in Chuck's paint shanty yet?
This girl.

So far, so good. I'm still not taking any chances though. We're sleeping in separate bedrooms.


I've been thinking lately.
Dangerous. Past time.

We had our school auction last night. It was awesome. As always. And there I was, at a "work event" and I took a second to look around. I realized it felt a lot more like a night with my friends than a night with my co-workers at a work thing.

It's one thing to like your job.
It's one thing to like your work place.
It's a whole other thing to really, truly, honestly like the people you work with.

Like, like.
As in "I'd choose to hang out with you, even if we didn't see each other everyday."

And I got to thinking I'm pretty lucky.
Because that doesn't always happen. But it's definitely happened to me.

ps. Doesn't my spray tan look amazing? I mean really, it's fantastic.

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