it's like being held hostage. basically.

I am so tired of cabinet painting.

There's this constant mess in the house that I really can't do anything about. I can't clean it. It needs to stay there in order to paint. It is literally driving me up the wall. I'm distraught and not overreacting at all.

I feel like Trading Spaces and Sell This House did a darn right poor job of preparing me for what painting cabinets was actually like. Mind you, they paint cabinets crappy and we'z paints them baller style, but whatevs. Those shows take two days. This has not taken two days. Actually it has. Two days plus two days plus two days plus two days plus two day (someone let me know what I get to 12).

Chuck finds my whining all very ironic as in I'm not really doing much of the cabinet painting (I'm doing what I can do, which is mostly lend moral support) , but... like I keep telling him, I'm entitled to my opinion (just like I'm entitled to most everything else). And I'm entitled to share my opinion often and loudly.

Here's a fun little fact for you: In high school, I was voted "Whale of a Whiner". Unanimously. I know. I counted the votes. All 150 of them.

Chuck says make that 151 votes. He'd like to cast a retroactive ballot.
Chuck also says that I should stop whining about winning whale of a whiner because something about it's only proving points.

But anyways.

Projects like this. They just wear on you over time. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's nothing I don't love more than boiling my tortellini next to a bottle denatured alcohol, I'm just a little tired of the house being a disaster.

And there really is nothing I can do about it. Not until we're done. There's no point.

I'm also a little tired of Chuck treating his paint sprayer with more love and tenderness than I see, but that's just splitting hairs. "I can't leave the paint sprayer in the garage at night. It'll get cold." Says the same person who stole all the covers from me last night and left me uh'shivering, thank you very much. 

And there's all these piles of things everywhere. Little stations of painting remnants.

This is just one picture of evidence in a long line of piles in our house.
I can't pick it up, because why pack it away when we need it tomorrow? Or heck, late tonight.

And all the while, it's just boring routine, same old same old, each day one long continuous cycle of painting and sanding. Sand. Paint. Sand. Paint. Sand. Paint. Sand. Paint. That is not a hyperbole. That is doing a project with Chuck.

I know way too much about painting cabinets now.

And way too much about tack cloths.

I know that I think he's a little obsessive.
But I know more that it's all worth it because when he says he's going to do something, there is no half way. There is no quick and easy way. There is no good enough "Susie" way.

It will be worth it. It will be worth it.

We're just all looking forward to this being over.


  1. I can't remember how I came across your blog but I love it. Thanks for making me laugh out loud. Your cabinets will be wonderful when they're done. Be glad your husband is into the detail work. :) Can he come do ours when he's finished?

  2. This one is for Chuck and Chuck alone:

    Not wanting to put too much FIL pressure on you, but the last picture in this vignette reminds me that when you're finished with the cabinets, you really will need to move STRAIGHT AWAY onto the baseboards and window casings.

    No pressure - take your time. There's always June.

    Or July.

    And paint dries really well in August.



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