i'm just gonna say it.

I have a huge mouth. Literally. A huge mouth.

Shelley's friend took this picture on my camera tonight and I DIE-d at how big my mouth looks in it. It's roughly half the size of Lucy's entire face. You know how your nose and ears keep growing throughout your whole life? I'm reasonably sure that my mouth is growing twice as fast as anything else. I swear it's bigger than it was in college and I definitely didn't get married with this mouth.

I've never had a "caricature" of myself done at Disneyland or some vendor on the street a la the opening credits to the final season of Full House (went there. And you know what I'm talking about too, so don't judge). I just feel like, if the purpose of a caricature is to exaggerate your features, then really, there's only two possibilities for how they'd draw me. Either exactly as I am (with my already exaggerated mouth) or like this:
Incidentally enough, this is exactly how I feel walking around on a day-to-day basis.
Mouth and body. It's kind of like mind and soul, only not.


  1. Dearest Readers:

    I have it on fairly reliable information that one fact was omitted from the "tale of the tape" with Mrs. Allison's pearly white - albeit ginormous - smile: four of her teeth were actually pulled at a young age.

    Perhaps a dental variation on the old adage of "when you pluck a gray hair, 2 grow back..."

    TF (alternatively referring to "tooth fairy" or "the father")

  2. I LOVE your father's comment. Too funny.

    And I think you have a GORGEOUS smile. I'd rather have your pearly whites then my little grinded down chiclets.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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