how lucy thinks easter went down.

Truth be told, if we put Lucy on the "stand", kid would have no idea what really went on here during Easter. Plausible deniability. Ignorance is bliss. Lucy Bliss.

You really can't subject a two year old to seeing her "Dad Dad" rolling her "Sister" in a blanket while Mommy and Bubba are crying tears of happiness. She doesn't really get tears of happiness and always thinks we're sad and hurt. I'm pretty sure seeing  her "Mom Mom" grease a latex glove with butter would have caused an equal amount of confusion.

Hence, nap time was an Easter Miracle.

Pre-nap time, Lucy had what she considers to have been "Easter". And we'll continue to let her think that. She need not know what goes on 'round here behind closed nap time doors.

She knows that she looked stunning on Easter.

She picked out the girliest dress Tar-jay had to offer and was the definition of Bell of the Ball.

Six months ago she wore a tux to Thanksgiving Dinner. Now we're in a dress with a giant pink bow. Girl likes to mix it up. Love her. 

When she got to the house, Mom Mom and Dad Dad hadn't arrived yet so yeah, imagine trying to appease a Lucy when she can see hidden eggs and presents.

This was the face we got in response to let's just stay in this room for a while and wait until Mom Mom gets here. 

Finally, they arrived and it was time.

 She was amazing.

Clearly she's gifted in the "egging" department. Math and reading...please. Egg hunting. Now that's how my family judges success. 

Her Easter basket was also pretty typical.
By pretty typical I mean pretty typical of what we'd give Lucy for Easter.

iCarly sunglasses. Lots of candy. Hello Kitty band-aids. Gum (ie: the equivalent of a $100 bill to 2 year olds; might as well have been a gold brick).

And a skateboard.

And she's bomb on it. 

She also got a wheel barrel filled with candy. Chuck said it was for the April Candy Harvest. Of course it is.

And that's really it.
She ate. She went to bed. We "adults" were the ones that destroyed my house for a combined total of $47.94 in Easter winnings, destroyed all the evidence, put the furniture back, and were seated nice and quiet when she woke up as if it had never happened. Just like that.

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