GIVEAWAY: we have a winner

The response to the giveaway was awesome!

I was absolutely blown away, and really, my life is so fabulous that something has to be truly bananas to make an impact (I kid, I kid).

Ok. I used a true random number generator (your numbers was the order in which you commented) and our winner is number 14: Sarah.

Sarah said "I think I'm about a 6 and counting. I currently blame my laziness on the weather so hopefully soon all of my active thoughts will become actions. Or else this summer I'll be rediscovering the hard truth, that I'm really just lazy...

This Nuun sounds delicious. I've got a heart condition and need to drink approx. 3 liters of fluids a day. Sometimes I am so sick of water I don't even want to shower. Maybe this drink could help! -Sarah"

Sarah, I sincerely hope that you get "hooked" on nuun. 12 flavors are out there so there's a big enough variety to give a heavy water drinker like yourself some taste options. Sarah, send me an email to my blog account and I'll ship it all right out to you. And now you all have my blog email. Have fun with that. I never check it so feel free to send emails.

Everyone else, thanks for the comments. A few of you had questions about where to buy nuun. Locally (as in Western Washington), you can buy it at QFC, many athletic stores (bike shops, running stores, other places you would never find me), and the Vitamin Shoppe. But, the best bet is just for everything you could ever want that's nuun. 

XOXO to you all.

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