she's getting stupid good at this.

I would say, pretty much without hesitation, that I am good at cooking, but the anti-good at baking.

Baking is an art. That's what Fe always said. I do not "get" this art. I would like to, but you can't really teach a 28 year old dog new trick. (number 1: yes, I just called myself a dog - whatever, it was necessary for the sentence; B. I just don't care.)

I think we can all remember very vividly what happened the last time I tried to bake a cake.

In it's defense, it tasted a heckuva lot better than it looked.
In my defense, I wasn't really "trying" very hard. Maybe effort is my missing ingredient. OR maybe I'm just not meant to bake.

And for the record, Chuck did eat most of this monstrosity before the mold set in (whatever judgy wudgy).

Let's play a comparison game. I can't bake a cake, but here's someone that can.


I have proof (don't worry - I felt you panic). I decided Dania needed to be showcased today, because, well, she's getting stupid good at making these cakes.

This was The Twilight Cake for Emy. It was one of the first cakes Dania made fancy. But by making this cake, she kinda set the bar pretty high and well, that's her fault. Now we want a fancy one at every occasion.

Last year, I got a camera cake to commemorate how annoying I am.
The strap is made out of Fruit by the Foot and I believe the lens was a ding dong.

Jessica got a Popcorn Cake.
The stripes are red Fruit Roll Up. I can't remember what the butter is. Maybe yellow Starburst. Maybe yellow frosting.

This is what I got this year.
It's a coffin on "grass". The dirt is Oreos and the grass is dyed green coconut.

And my new favorite:

It's a "TV dinner".
There's corn on the cob, chicken legs, mashed potatoes, peas and carrots, and dessert.

Pretty. Darn. Ridiculous.
(she should probably go into business, huh?)


  1. TWILIGHT!!! I would co-sign her business loan, that's for sure.

  2. Those are all JUST AWESOME. I would definitely order a few TV Dinner cakes for my next party.

  3. SUPER cute! Love them all, but the TV tray is my FAV! Who wouldn't appreciate being the recipient of one of those masterpieces? :)


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