my mom is pretty obscene.

Fe is a complicated woman.
I didn't mean that.
She isn't complicated at all.

Fe is the kind of woman that thinks this is appropriate for a "birthday lunch."

Full of class (mostly lower).
They're called Chicken on a Throne.
Their throne, I'm sorry to say, is Budweiser. They are schmered in a chili rub and then seated with love on a can of beer, which in two hours of cooking flavors them from, um (cough) the, uh, inside out.

They are obscene looking and they make my mother giggle. They make everyone giggle. This time 'round, Fe decided it would make them less obscene if they were sword fighting. Yes, because a fencing match somehow makes this better. It's a dignified sport. But I don't think it's helping.

She told me this whole set up, her chickens, their fencing, was "blog appropriate".
I said, no way.
Obviously, she won. Something about labor and 28 years ago came up. I think she's dramatic.

I told her I thought the chickens were a little too vulgar for "The Blog".

So I dressed them.

Isn't that better?
I gave pink bikini a belly button ring. She seemed like the kind of girl that would have a belly button ring. Not that I was ever one of those girls. (What? Don't judge. I went to college in 2001. Try not getting a belly button piercing in 2001 whilst living in a dorm. That's like getting through '85 without a perm. Not. Gonna. Happen).

Then I decided the girls really shouldn't be in a 9x13 on my parent's counter.
They didn't belong there.
They deserve more.

That's better.

See? So much better.
My mother and her obscene little birds. Nothing that tastes that good can really be that offensive, can it?


  1. OMG. Brilliant. Hilarious. Kudos to both you and your mom.

  2. Love it! 2002 - the year of the nose piercing.

  3. looks delish....chili rub, is that like chili powder or something more, also that pan looks like it's going to be a pain in the you know what to clean, now I know where you got your sense of

  4. The belly button right is needed. Very needed.

    Absolutely hilarious

  5. Chicken on a Throne is a way classier name than the one I know... I always called it Beer up the Butt Chicken.


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