a little something about best friends.

Don't you just love best friends?

I do. Who doesn't?

I'm blessed with four best friends. Why four? Well, I'm greedy like that (and needy). And even if I had to, I couldn't pick just one; they're all my world.

I won't comment on when this picture was taken or why, but it's so totally us. What we wouldn't do for each other. That includes (apparently) wearing jean skirts and uggs. Long story

Bottom line, best friends make life better. They can make it easier. They can make it happier. They can make it feel more survivable.

Lucy has a best friend.

His name is Coat. He's a 9 month sized lavender winter jacket and she's wearing every bit of him out. Coat goes everywhere that we all go. He goes to Child Prison each morning (along with, I might point out, Lucy's current wear-able coat). He goes to the Mall with us, the store, and of course, the Beiber movie. "Ma, Coat want to meet Beiber."

Leaving Coat behind is a punishable offense.

Sometimes, she thinks it's funny to try and wear Coat again like the good ol' days. Basically reenacting Chris Farley's "Fat guy in a little coat". She's a riot.

When something goes especially good and she wants to show appreciation, she gifts Coat. Chuck was gifted Coat when he gave Lucy her ruby red slippers.

Most of the time, Coat just goes where Lucy goes and does the "everyday" thing. The little things that make a friend truly great.

Helping to make decisions.

Lending support during trying times.

Being there to face the world.

Providing protection from the paparazzi.

Being someone to lean into when the going gets rough.

Today, a special someone was gifted Coat. Must have done something really special.

I'm going to have to disagree with Lu. I do not think "Betty like dis" as Lucy insisted. But then again, Coat is pretty magical and Betty should feel blessed.

It's not everyday a person lends you their best friend.
(I wouldn't. But I'm selfish.)

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