it's all about the leprechauns baby.

I decided that since we have Lucy for St. Patrick's Day, we were going all out leprechaun.

I started my plan yesterday. We talked about leprechauns. We looked at leprechaun stuff at Target (please pronounce as Tar-jay...that's how it was in my head and I want this to be accurate. Muah.).  We even bought a leprechaun shirt to make certain we wouldn't get pinched.

This morning.

The leprechaun came.
Obviously he made a mess of our kitchen.
There was gold from our backyard to inside.

And yes, he left a present -- why wouldn't he? This leprechaun happens to really enjoy when Lucy visits and really enjoys buying her gifts and has a lot of impulse control issues in the Target dollar section.

PS. I told Jack this was not Sinter Klaas day and we didn't need a Black Pete (in this case, Black Jack), but he wasn't having any of it. Do your Dutch homework if you don't get this reference. It's a pretty good joke, but really, if you don't get it that's find, just culture yourself via wikipedia. It was probably edited correctly.

Lucy was so happy about the leprechaun. She coo'd. She screamed.

Yes. A little green man with a flesh eating bacteria came from his Irish Leper Colony for a little St. Patrick's Day celebration, old testament style.

I guess next year I'll leave some ointment for him?

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