it just plain sucks.

Welcome to my pity party. So glad you came.
I don't think you meant to RSVP, but you're on my blog which means you chose to come. I want to feel bad, it's just... I don't.

I am at home.
I'm watching episode 9 million of Say Yes to the Dress, and wondering how I got here.

I actually know how I got here, I'm being dramatic because I'm a middle child and I'm bored. That's what middle kids do when we're bored. We seek attention. Ok, ok, that might not be true for all middle kids, but it is for this girl.

I'm not supposed to be at home. Chuck and I are supposed to be in Hawaii. I'm supposed to be in an orange sun dress with strappy sandals, a frozen beverage, and a sun burn.

This is an artists rendition of how Chuck and I should look right now.
(Chuck's a little modest about his chestle region, hence the bikini top. He's so old fashioned.)

But this is not how we are. I've been sick since March 12.
I've made you a graph of my illness for maximum effect (you. are. welcome).

I ended up with the flu, then a sinus infection, the flu again (why not?), and the sinus infection decided to stick around and become truly memorable. I finally went to the doctor last Thursday and she was pretty blunt. I'd been sick for almost 2 weeks by then, and I would have at least 3 more days of bad bad and then another week of just normal sick. Oh goody. She prescribed heavy duty nasal spray, 8 Sudafed, 8 Dayquils, and 2000mg of antibiotics each day. I'm popping pills like an 85 woman.

This meant flying with a sinus infection and being sick in Hawaii.
Chuck said No. That wasn't how this vacation was going down. So he cancelled it.

It pretty much sucks.
I'm doing better now (I even had an outing this morning!!), I'm just disappointed. I missed most of March, a week and a half of school, and now my Spring Break vacation. It could be worse. It definitely could be worse.

Chuck and I do have grand plans for this week.
We've decided to create our own Hawaiian vacation in Seattle, in late March. I already started by applying a healthy amount of self tanner this morning and am wearing a tank top (with a cardigan...) and open toed shoes (I'm living on the edge).

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