i guess this is the plan. for now.

It's time to start remodeling. We've caught the bug. We're emotionally ready.
Let the games begin.

This is going to get pretty extensive and pretty graphic over the next few months. Some pretty hard core DIY is about to go down. Don't worry we're all consenting adults around here. But you've been warned.

First up, the master bathroom.

Hello lover.

It's the 1990s special. Oak cabinets, tile counter tops, and that light fixture. Who came up with that fixture? Must have made a mint because every un-remodeled house has it (and hates it). I'm basing the entire remodel around it's removal. Ok that's not entirely true, but my hatred for it makes it feel true.

Today, it's just a plan.
Here's the plan (I made myself a little mood board):

We're keeping the counter tops. I've actually grown attached to the lavender tiles -- I love them, they're unique, and I live with them, so I really don't care what you think. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I'm just overprotective of my babies.

We are going to paint the cabinets. Why? Couple of reasons.
1. I like gray cabinets. Call me crazy. I think they're soft. Apparently, I think gray is soft. But then again, most of my wardrobe is gray so I'm a bit biased. I'm also going on "gray restriction" after this.

2. We don't want to change the cabinets - they're in great condition. No sense running up the cost when you have something perfectly good just lying around.

3. The plan is to eventually (project number 2) paint the kitchen cabinets white. This is the test run. As in, can we paint cabinets or will we be forced to buy new (I will literally have a miser-fit if that happens and heads will roll).

I'm planning on adding a frame to the flat sheet mirror. We'll change the faucets, the light fixture, and add some decor to spiff up the space.

Tonight, we begin the buying.
Stripping agents. Sand paper. Knobs. Primer. The basics.
The biggest point of contention right now is which shade of gray. Lighter or darker?

Thoughts? Comments? Anyone have an opinion they need heard about my bathroom? I might not like it, but I'll at least consider it with a somewhat open mind.

So, that's the plan.


  1. I vote for a lighter gray paint on the cabinents. I love the plan thus far! This is also making me even more jealous of all home owners.
    I can't even freakin paint my walls grrrr

  2. My boyfriend had the exact same issue in his bathroom! He had the cabinets stained an espresso color and added a frame of crown molding around the mirror and then added wainscoting around the walls. Makes such a difference! Can't wait to see the outcome!


  3. I can't wait to see the transformation! We are hoping to do our kitchen cabinets this summer...We painted all out oak molding before we moved in, I read a bunch of reviews and Kilz (we got the odor free since we were moving in so shortly) was one that was highly recommended, and then did two coats of paint over top. You will be AMAZED at the difference!

  4. Maybe you know this already, but I just want to scream - before you start painting the oak cabinets USE WOOD FILLER!


    Those 90's oak cabinets are so porous, but I guarantee they can look amazing if you use wood filler first. Hopefully, this piece of advise will get you safely to the kitchen cabinets in the future :)

  5. Hey friend, this comment has nothing to do with your bathroom...instead I need to enlist your help with DSLR cameras!

    I've deicded to take the plunge (but not super expensive plunge) and I need your advice/help. I got cross eyed looking at everything.

    I wanna stay below $600 (prefer a package deal of some kind of that's possible)

    Any cameras you can point me to?

    Thanks friend!


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