general rule of thumb.

Forts kick butt.

On an aside, Fe recently decided it was time to rid herself of the encyclopedias she and PK bought for us kids back in The Day. I don't know what tipped her off that it was time, persmaps it was the mention of East Germany or the failure to mention the Interweb. OR (as I'm reasonably sure) the fact that Gutenberg himself printed that set.

Either way, she was looking to unload them and per her Motherly duty (section 4B of Mom bi-laws), she had to ask if Shelley or I wanted them before tossing the load. Due to our penchant for wikipedia, et al, we decided they were of no use anymore.


Shelley called me in an absolute panic post our decision. 
Dang.  Nothing anchors a good fort like A thru L on one side and M thru Z on the other. How did we forget that those encyclopedias were used more for fort making than research? I honestly don't know how Shelley and I would have gotten through childhood without them and now I'm a little worried about Lu.

What is she supposed to use in her epic fort building?
We have failed her.

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  1. i am cracking up right now b/c we just had this same ridding of the encyclopedia conversation with mi mama. seriously? is it on a check list somewhere. i also declined b/c of my liking of google. my kid is 4 and all he has to do is type in "p" into the browser bar and "" pops up. why will he ever need childcrafts? oh yeah....forts!!!!!!

    mom kept the books and is secretly hoping that i'll backdown on my deshizz someday, and i secretly think she just wants to say> I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!


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