it's a love thing.

It's officially the second anniversary of having this blog.
Holy mother of nightmare, how has it been that long? How have we been together that long?

I can't even fathom how this blog has stayed alive and kicking but (despite my best efforts) it has. I'm considering it a miracle. Mostly that something kept my attention and interest for two years. This is without precedence.

Let's go a little lovey dovey tonight. Why? Well, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and it's blog anniversary week so I feel like we had this coming. And her Holyness (Pioneer Woman) is doing a photo assignment this week on LOVE.

PW's assignment got me thinking.
(never a good thing.)

Over the past year, I've had a chance to take pictures of a lot of love.
It's been a magical year photographing so many people and capturing moments in love. It's been a gift so many of my friends have given me by letting me photograph their loved ones. Photography has become my love, and thank God for supportive family and friends.

I started looking back through my photos tonight looking specifically at these "moments of love". I found a few that to share. Hopefully, you can see and feel the love of these families and couples through my lens.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

Love to you all!
(thanks for reading, even two years later.)


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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