i think cat hoarders are just misunderstood.

I so get these women.

Mostly because I am just a tiny stones throw - and about 32 cats - away from being in their shoes (somehow 33 feels like my cat hoarding limit - why? I counter with why any of this?). In fact, it's not even a stone's throw away from crazy. It's more like a sturdy pebble and then call the crews for Animal Hoarders: Susie Edition.  

Chuck's been on a business trip this week (god, he sounds old - Charles is away on bizzzness.). Jack and I are doing better than expected, and have not yet been robbed and/or murdered as we had anticipated based on several Lifetime Movies.

Chuck gets home today and not a moment too soon. I am so bored and so tired of sitting here alone. I'm also having massive 'Nam like flashbacks to Chuck's pilot days (insert shutter here), and have begun sleeping with the remote control in hand to use as a weapon (obviously), just in case of Lifetime Movie becoming reality. No boxes barricading the doors - yet - and I am still sleeping with the lights off, but it's not looking good.

This house is way too big for just Chuck and Me as is. Take away half of the population and you've entered "I want to fill this house with cats" territory. You know, Jack is only so much company because he's only one cat; now, if I got more cats...

And that is me becoming a cat woman. Slippery slope here, people. Slippery slope.

Oh and for the record, the only thing I'm judging about the above picture is the blanket. It's awful. She is a fabulous; blanket: awful.


  1. If it was up to me (and husband didn't object), I would have a ton of cats. Tiger is such a joy in my life!

  2. here is what I'm going to judge. Get those dirty slippers off that couch! ewww. :) meow.

  3. That's maybe why 2053 needs to come a little sooner....


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