she has one look.

Hey Lucy,

Zoolander called. He wants his look back.

Blue Steel.
They're all look the same. I feel like I'm on crazy pill.

she has beiber fever.

I can't figure out how to set this "clip" up. And staring at a blank blog page for 30 minutes isn't helping. Plus I'm playing the "pee game" right now (as in how long can I hold it without getting my lazy butt off the couch to go to the bathroom) and this needs to end. That was TMI and I'm not editing it out. Chuck's out for the day so there's no censor here to keep me grounded. Boo yah.

The bottom line is that Lucy has Beiber Fever. She loves The Beib something fierce. Shelley had the privilege of going to the Bieber Movie with Lucy (that's a standard "Baby's First Movie", right?), and Lucy "power fisted" throughout. Girl has it bad for Beibs. They're going back today. Apparently, once wasn't enough.

We are all privileged to get to listen to Beiber at every chance AND when Beiber isn't available to sing to us, Lucy sings Beiber to fill the silence.

Enjoy this video and Lucy singing the chorus of "Baby", followed by a snit-bit of the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle before deciding "I don't want to". I really think the "OOOOOH" in "Baby" is bananas. Girl is a singing genius.

Oh and also enjoy hearing my nasal voice in the background. Kind of like hearing the wizard behind the blog curtain.

And you're welcome.

why it'll be 2053.

I saw this and the first thing I thought was, "No duh, that box isn't nearly big enough to hold that baby." And that is why we'll wait until 2053.

I'm attempting to mature and age like a fine wine.
I'll let you know how that goes.

i have no one to blame but myself.

Despite all my better judgment (and the countless warnings from your family), I still love you the most. I love you in sickness. I love you in health. I love you in good times and I think (no, I know) that I love you more in the bad.

Thanks for the roses.
Thanks for the card.
Thanks for the McDonald's dinner.

And thanks for nine fabulous years.  

it's a love thing.

It's officially the second anniversary of having this blog.
Holy mother of nightmare, how has it been that long? How have we been together that long?

I can't even fathom how this blog has stayed alive and kicking but (despite my best efforts) it has. I'm considering it a miracle. Mostly that something kept my attention and interest for two years. This is without precedence.

Let's go a little lovey dovey tonight. Why? Well, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and it's blog anniversary week so I feel like we had this coming. And her Holyness (Pioneer Woman) is doing a photo assignment this week on LOVE.

PW's assignment got me thinking.
(never a good thing.)

Over the past year, I've had a chance to take pictures of a lot of love.
It's been a magical year photographing so many people and capturing moments in love. It's been a gift so many of my friends have given me by letting me photograph their loved ones. Photography has become my love, and thank God for supportive family and friends.

I started looking back through my photos tonight looking specifically at these "moments of love". I found a few that to share. Hopefully, you can see and feel the love of these families and couples through my lens.

Happy early Valentine's Day!

Love to you all!
(thanks for reading, even two years later.)

i think cat hoarders are just misunderstood.

I so get these women.

Mostly because I am just a tiny stones throw - and about 32 cats - away from being in their shoes (somehow 33 feels like my cat hoarding limit - why? I counter with why any of this?). In fact, it's not even a stone's throw away from crazy. It's more like a sturdy pebble and then call the crews for Animal Hoarders: Susie Edition.  

Chuck's been on a business trip this week (god, he sounds old - Charles is away on bizzzness.). Jack and I are doing better than expected, and have not yet been robbed and/or murdered as we had anticipated based on several Lifetime Movies.

Chuck gets home today and not a moment too soon. I am so bored and so tired of sitting here alone. I'm also having massive 'Nam like flashbacks to Chuck's pilot days (insert shutter here), and have begun sleeping with the remote control in hand to use as a weapon (obviously), just in case of Lifetime Movie becoming reality. No boxes barricading the doors - yet - and I am still sleeping with the lights off, but it's not looking good.

This house is way too big for just Chuck and Me as is. Take away half of the population and you've entered "I want to fill this house with cats" territory. You know, Jack is only so much company because he's only one cat; now, if I got more cats...

And that is me becoming a cat woman. Slippery slope here, people. Slippery slope.

Oh and for the record, the only thing I'm judging about the above picture is the blanket. It's awful. She is a fabulous; blanket: awful.

and i thought disneyland was the happiest place.

I'm coming off one of those invigorating weekends. I have that empowering feeling, the kind you get after a really good conference or workshop. I'm just covered in W.O.W. I'm glowing.

We spent the weekend in Oregon with my big brudder, Eric.
Eric was given a gift from God. The gift is called Living in the Town NEXT to Where They Filmed Twilight. Hence my glowing amounts of happiness.

Eric and sister-in-law Stacia live in a little town in Oregon. The town next to their little town is an even smaller town, St. Helens. How the powers that be found or picked St. Helens to film this movie, I don't know, but thank God they did, because I happen to know the best St. Helens tour guide.

His name is Edward.
Obviously, he came with me on my journey as we (me, Edward, and Kristen Stewart's under bite) recreated the filming of the worst/greatest movie ever created. Bringing Edward was a must. (Is it sad that I had to make a decision over which Edward doll to bring because I may or may not have more than one? Go ahead and don't answer that.)

Stop one was Bella's house. The original Bella's house before they reconstructed this same house up in Vancouver for the filming of all subsequent movies (Is it sad that I know that? You know what, I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of these "sad" moments throughout, so let's just save the crying for my soul until the end of this post. And please remember, judgy wudgy was a bear.)

I like the sign stapled to the tree out front. It was written to Twilight Fans reminding us that real people live in this house. I guess Charlie must have moved out after the whole Renesmee scandal.

Here's what I think of that sign:
1. Not gonna detour me from driving by and making Edward fly into Bella's window. Please.

2. Yeah, I just, I mean we stayed on the public street. Me, Edward, Eric's hand, cupping Edward so gently. And BTDub, if you are going to have a mean STAY AWAY sign, don't type it in Twilight font. Now I know you are secretly a Twilight fan (and probably Team Jacob or you'd be nicer -- those people are all a little off).

Next we went full speed round the corner in The Back Alley.
You know, the place where Edward saves Bella from her own stupidity? Turns out, my big brudder has arrested actual bad guys in this very alley which basically makes him the coolest brother ever (did I mention Eric's a cop? well there ya go). I died.

Next to that alley, obviously, is the other alley Kristen Stewart hustles her overacting behind up to avoid "The Bad Men".

Eric, the under bite, and I recreated this moment of cinematic genius.
See how terrified I am? See how menacing the bad man is?

Back to The Alley where Eddie saves Bella.

I was terrified by The Bad Man (notice my acting abilities - they are, what the French call, Le Superb) until Edward practically floated through the air to my rescue. After all, he is a vampire, thus mystical, and apparently, now mystical means "can fly". The only thing missing here is a tiny silver Volvo and I'm pretty sure we would be getting offers to do the remake.

Despite our lack of teeny tiny Volvo, Edward still effectively chased my predator away (I don't count Edward on my list of predators. He would disagree -- it's adorable. God love him. So overprotective.).

The prom dress shop is in St. Helens too. But it's vacant (like Kristen Stewart's expression - SLAM - say what?! Oh no I did'nt.) 

I decided to still sit pensively in the window as Bella did whilst shopping with Jessica and Angela, plotting her escape to the bookstore that just happens to carry an obscure book about vampires. What're the chances?


The Bookstore. Except not. Actually a law office. Not belonging to J Jenks.
I checked.

This is the restaurant where Bella has the mushroom ravioli.


I tried to look just as excited as K-Stew does in the movie about her date with Edward. I think I really captured the moment.  Oh and this place is empty too now. Anyone else want to buy these buildings and create a giant shrine to Edward in them? Just me? Ok.

It was decided - and I swear, not by me - that this tour was officially not over. I l.o.v.e.d. taking this up a notch. Loved.

I buckled Edward up for our drive out of St. Helens (precious cargo) and we headed up to The Viewpoint Inn. Prom was filmed here and while I don't condone the use of a location not mentioned in the book, Rob walked here, thus hallowed ground.

I d-IED when I saw that they still had the prom arch way up.

Me. Dying. You can see it in the picture.

The view from the inn was amazing in the movie.

It was not as amazing in person because it was a scosh foggy. I could barely see the beauty, but I knew it was there.

On to the diner where they eat dinner in the movie. Again, not in the book, so I pretended it was the restaurant they went to after graduation in Eclipse. See? I even put Edward in the trees waiting to protect me/Bella. (<--- there - right there - that's the moment when I crossed the line.).

Grand finale was Oxbow Park for the "say it, out loud" scene. Big brother even paid the $5 for entrance into the state park. He also paid with his manhood and asked the park ranger for directions to the actual location.

I spell good big brother E.R.I.C.

It was one of those magical life moments being at this spot.
I'm going:
1. Twilight tour
2. Wedding day
Hands down, best day of 2011. I can't even fathom competing with this.

Oh and Chuck would like it noted that, as always, my foot choice for this adventure was completely inappropriate. Patten leather heals from Steve Madden. Chuck wasn't thrilled, but I think he was just projecting his disbelief that he was party to all the Twilight activities.

I disagree on his pooh-pooh of my shoes.
Fancy is the only way to go when Edward is involved.
My hands were tied.
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